May the Lord grant you much grace in studying His Word. These laws address equality and care for the vulnerable. It's so great how the Lord brings issues up in His Word that pinpoints areas we all need to work on at times. This chapter is full of practical, every day helps for us today. You'll see a pull-down menu that will allow you to easily share things on your social media. Digital. Click on the picture to get started.

Where do you find hope when there’s injustice in and around us?
Grab your Bible, a friend to study with, and dive in! Click on the picture below to get started. Click on the picture to download or print out the lesson. Starting at $7.99. To get your first lesson just click on the picture below. This week's lesson will take you back through the book to review all the Lord has impressed on your heart. Quick! Enjoy this thought provoking lesson in 1 Thessalonians chapter 5. What is biblical justice? Explore what it means to live as exiles in our world today. 8:38 . Delve into the theme of water of life in the Bible. Trace the important theme of the Day of the Lord through the Bible. $7.99.

Devotionals will keep you encouraged in your walk with the Lord. You will love what you learn about the Lord, affliction, and how God intends to make all things right in the end. But what God cares about most is that his people do justice and care for the oppressed in their community. If you'd like this cover page to go along with your study just click right here to print it out! Click on the picture to download the lesson or print it out to get started. For now, grab a friend, get some tea and your Bible, and get ready to dig in to a book you'll soon grow to love and appreciate. What would it look like to recapture God’s passion for justice in our own day? Uncover the meaning of the biblical idea of holiness. When you're in the midst of trials, words of encouragement mean so much and Paul's words here were no exception. If you are leading a small group or family, feel free to listen to the message and contextualize it for your needs. Click on the picture to get started!

This final lesson in the book of 2 Thessalonians wraps up what you've learned and hope to implement. You will be bolstered and encouraged through your study in this book! How did Jesus care for the widows, the orphans, and the foreigners? Ephesians – 7 Weeks This is a 7 week study. 1 Corinthians Chapter 1 is big on blessing, so take some time to look at what God has preserved for you to learn today. If so, then this study is for you!

Chapter 1 provides much needed instruction for us today. Follow the theme of the Messiah through the pages of the Bible. You can listen to this on your own or with a group. If you've been blessed and encouraged by any of the Bible studies or resources here, consider how you can give to support Scripture Paths. Listen to a short message from Tim on justice. Click on the picture to download the lesson to your computer or just print it out right now. The online ministry of author, Bible study, and conference teacher Lisa Hughes. The Lord has so much for you in His Word! So, this particular series takes an in-depth look at chapters 1-8 in 28 lessons. Quick View. First Presbyterian Church of Albuquerque 31 views. Goodies galore await you in this week's lesson! Chapter 2 is chock full of things we don't often get to study, especially in a women's Bible study! Don't miss out on this valuable study in God's Word! Week 1 Story - Duration: 8:38. He talks about how we are easily blind to inequality and sometimes even play a part in it. May this book stay in your heart and on your mind in the weeks to come! Click on the picture to download this lesson or just print it out to get started! Later...much later...I'll post 1 Corinthians Part 2 that contains another 28 lessons on chapters 9-16. Take time to pray through this lesson, asking the Lord to keep its truths in your mind, heart, and life. If you want to "share" any of the links on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In just click on the share button at the bottom of each post. Learn more about how Jesus fulfills the Jewish law. This is our last session and we are so grateful that you have joined us in this study this summer! Click on the picture to download this lesson or print it out immediately and get started. In this passage, we find that God’s people are neglecting the vulnerable in their communities, while continuing in their rhythms of worship (the Sabbath, prayer, and fasting). Grab your bible, a cup of tea, and sit down to study this helpful word from the Lord. This week we focus on the theme of justice in the story of the Bible. Paul doesn't shy away from teaching them about God's very righteous judgment of unbelievers, the Day of the Lord, and how believers should live in light of our Lord's soon return. What stood out to you as you read this passage? Please Consider Giving to Support this Ministry, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #10, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #9, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #8, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #7, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #6, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #5, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #4, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #3, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #2, 10 Week Study in 2 Thessalonians, Lesson #1, 17 Week Study in 1 Thessalonians, Lesson #17, 17 Week Study in 1 Thessalonians, Lesson #16, 17 Week Study in 1 Thessalonians, Lesson #15, 17 Week Study in 1 Thessalonians, Lesson #14, 17 Week Study in 1 Thessalonians, Lesson #13.
Trace the biblical story through the word witness. Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Day of the Lord and its implications for us today?

Explore key biblical words in both Hebrew and Greek. In Genesis 1 all humans are appointed to be the image of God and rule the world together on God’s behalf. Encouragement and strength for our hearts comes when we study the Lord so that it will be said of us, as it was said of that most excellent woman, "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future (Proverbs 31:25)." Explore the meaning of the word gospel in the Bible. Explore the theme of sacrifice and atonement in the Bible. But history has proven that we all find it very difficult to treat each other with sacred dignity, especially in moments of economic crisis. Just click on the picture to download the lesson to your computer or print it out. Explore the theme of seventh day rest and Sabbath in the Bible.

Learn more about the Holy Spirit in the Bible. If you are planning a small group study, you may want to add a week at the beginning to introduce the study method by completing the free online Bible Study Workshop, and another week at the end for sharing. Bible Study Week 11 - Duration: 15:23. Click on the picture below to find the link for downloading this lesson or printing it out. Take the time to think through and pray over this lesson, asking the Lord for insight as to what He intended us to learn about Him. Specifically, we see Jesus as the very image of God, as the Creator, as He who has always existed, as the head of the church and as the great reconciler, and most importantly, as the one in whom all the fullness of God dwells. Learn more about God's partnership and promise to humans. You won't want to miss this timely study in this letter to the Thessalonians! Some of the more practical aspects of Christian living are discussed in this week's lesson. This week’s Bible study is taken from The Story of Jesus, a seven-week exploration into the life and ministry of Jesus that is adapted from the original The Story curriculum and…, Copyright © 2019 HarperCollins Publishers. Though I try to edit my lessons carefully, things still slip by me. Your support really does make a difference! Since The Story was first published, hundreds of thousands of people have experienced God’s great love affair with humanity through this accessible, chronologically arranged bestselling Bible. Looking for comfort today? Writing a study on the book of Philippians. You will find much food to nourish your soul.

Learn more about the "bad words" of the Bible: sin, iniquity, and transgression. In what ways do we sometimes focus on external practices rather than what matters most to God? Either way works and you're on your way to time with the Lord!

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