Authorities said state officials have been dispatched to the area to clean nearby drainage channels. Locals have complained for years of leaky sewage pipes regularly sending untreated waste into Acapulco Bay. A viral video shows large steam of black slur emptying into the waters of the bay. A viral video shows large steam of black slur emptying into the waters of the bay. Subscribe to update with our latest news. ACAPULCO. The pluvial currents generated by the heavy rains of yesterday morning exposed several pipes that allegedly discharge wastewater to the sea in the diamond zone of Acapulco, coming from the area’s luxury condominiums. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. The director of Municipal Ecology, Guadalupe Rivas Pérez, came to his defense, who, to counterbalance, stated that the discharge to Icacos beach was not a product of sanitary drainage, but of the first rains this season. One-time registration allows access to limitless articles free of cost! Your email is safe with us. Acapulco receives tourists with sewage. He assured that there were no sewage discharges and that the output registered that day, he insisted, corresponded to the runoff caused by the first rains of the season, and that it was false that a dam had overflowed. But in the face of the scandal caused by the videos in which thousands of liters of sewage are collected, draining to Icacos beach, recently certified as a Blue Flag, officials from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semaren) and the Drinking Water Commission and Sewerage of the Municipality of Acapulco (Capama), were involved in dimes and diretes. black to Icacos beach. Of the more than 50 wastewater treatment plants, only three operate, ... a laboratory external to Capama carried out physicochemical and microbiological samples to confirm that there are no sewage discharges to the bay. Click Here to login, Industry Global New 24 LLC, State officials said initial reports show that the discharge may have been related to a broken sewer line, potentially overflowing due to heavy rainfall in recent days which has caused flooding in several Acapulco neighborhoods. State environmental authorities announced Sunday that an investigation into the incident, which it said took place on June 25, has been launched and a formal complaint filed with Mexico’s federal environmental prosecutor. ACAPULCO, Mexico (Reuters) - The coastline of famed Mexican beach resort Acapulco was sullied late last week by a large discharge of raw sewage, the ugly scene captured in a viral video, which has prompted local officials to promise an investigation and fix broken drains. Raw blackish slug water sewage flows into the Acapulco bay. This is the moment Acapulco made waves in social media for its “black water” – a sewage outbreak that soiled the famed Mexican beach resort. Katy TX 77494, © 2019-2020 Industry Global News 24, All rights reserved. The rains exposed the drainage pipes that arrive from condos in the Diamante area. Reuters on Tuesday visited the site of a dark sewer leak coming from under a pedestrian bridge near another beach-front hotel off Marbella Plaza, draining into the bay where rolling waves could be seen in the distance. The port, last month was exhibited internationally due to sewage discharges that were recorded on video from the top of a building in the tourist area, which led to the dismissal of the director of the Commission for Drinking Water and Sewerage of the Municipality of Acapulco (Capama) and the head of Ecology, and led an investigation by the National Water Commission to conclude in a criminal lawsuit before the delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic for damages to the environment against the paramunicipal Capama.

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