Notice that an acetal to hemiacetal conversion is an \(S_N1\)-type reaction with a water nucleophile and an alcohol leaving group.
Peter D. Ford, Kevin B. Nolan, David C. Povey. Acid-Sensitive Polypseudorotaxanes Based on Ortho Ester-Modified Cyclodextrin and Pluronic F-127. Qilu Zhang, Zhanyao Hou, Benoit Louage, Dingying Zhou, Nane Vanparijs, Bruno G. De Geest, Richard Hoogenboom. Kasturi Srinivasachar and David M. Neville, Jr.. New protein crosslinking reagents that are cleaved by mild acid. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Rate and equilibrium studies in Jackson-Meisenheimer complexes. Evidence for a chair cyclohexane-1,4-radical cation intermediate in the single electron-transfer-induced Cope rearrangement of 2,5-diaryl-1,5-hexadienes. Note: Kinetic method for the characterization of Brønsted sites on oxide surfaces. SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants. Intramolecular imine formation. Glycerol acetals and ketals as bio-based solvents: positioning in Hansen and COSMO-RS spaces, volatility and stability towards hydrolysis and autoxidation. made into a good leaving group - by phosphorylation. Pramod Kandanarachchi, Michael L. Sinnott. Study on protein release from hydrolytically degradable hydrogels governed by substituent effects in trehalose-based crosslinker and network properties. The carbocation is attacked by a nucleophilic water molecule in step 2 to form a hemiacetal. Electrostatic catalysis by ionic aggregates. if \(R_2 = R_3\) in the scheme below), or different. Six-membered Rings with More than One Oxygen or Sulfur Atom. NAD hydrolysis: Chemical and enzymatic mechanisms. Alexanders T. N. Belarmino,, Sandro Froehner, and, Dino Zanette, , João P. S. Farah, , Clifford A. Bunton, . Destabilisation of a carbocation by α-oxygen substitution: the hydrolysis of orthocarbonates. Robert A. McClelland and Linda J. Santry. Ng, D.W. Penhale, B.K. Find more information about Crossref citation counts. N-(Hydroxybenzyl)benzamide Derivatives: Aqueous pH-Dependent Kinetics and Mechanistic Implications for the Aqueous Reactivity of Carbinolamides. Radiation-chemical production and lifetimes of trialkoxymethyl carbocations in aqueous solution. Chemical amplification accelerates reactive oxygen species triggered polymeric degradation. Explain. Himmelstein. 1. Lingyao Li, Kyle Knickelbein, Lin Zhang, Jun Wang, Melissa Obrinske, Gene Zhengxin Ma, Li-Ming Zhang, Lindsay Bitterman, Wenjun Du. Solvent isotope effects on α-glucosidase. Exploring the Limits of Efficiency of Proton-Transfer Catalysis in Models and Enzymes. C. Shih, T. Higuchi, K.J. Novel ortho ester-based, pH-sensitive cationic lipid for gene delivery

Kontrollierte Freisetzung flüchtiger Verbindungen unter milden Reaktionsbedingungen: von der Natur zu Alltagsprodukten. On the relative rate of hydrolysis of a series of ketals and their proton affinities.
Zur Chemie von Haftgruppen, VI. Stabilized Hemiacetal Complexes as Precursors for the Controlled Release of Bioactive Volatile Alcohols. Note the inversion of stereochemistry. Acid catalyzed poly (ortho ester) matrices for intermediate term drug delivery. For each acetal/ketal A-D in the figure above, specify the required aldehyde/ketone and alcohol starting materials.

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