Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page. 107+2 sentence examples: 1. She was engaged in an after-dinner game of Ultimate Frisbee with an. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Rutter had superb control for a left-hander, and he showed a most dazzling assortment of curves and slants. Of course there was an assortment of minor difficulties. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f0fa04e9f037363 Your IP: This shop has a good assortment of goods to choose from. Check your DNS Settings. . 2. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. Examples of Assortment in a sentence. 2. Every farm should have a … Although there was an assortment of delicacies available for the guests, the picky eater could find nothing that he liked to eat. 81 26 The book provided excellent examples of the plants and she found a large assortment of edible foods. Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page. . • A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. Examples of assortment in a sentence: 1. The public bar was often filled with a motley, but mostly friendly, From tents and dresses and beach towels to oilcloth and pencil cases and dog beds, Kidston makes a mind-boggling, The site slices and dices crime information in a ton of different ways, complete with a wide, If it was fruits and vegetables that I lacked, I could always find an, They were left to rest for one hour in the same room and had free access to a standard, The drawing room upstairs has an interesting, The walls were lined with racks and shelves and cupboards and cabinets holding an, A business differentiates itself not only with a specific brand or service but also by the, There was a small vanity with a stool in front of it with an, Depending on their size, they are home to spiny lobsters, arrow crabs and a wide, Adjacent to the restaurant is a bar, which is well stocked with an, Since 1936 the palace has been used for an, Everyone then heads for Monkey Island, home for an, If that is a misrepresentation they have committed wire fraud, criminal fraud, and an, But the absence of the traditional enemy didn't spoil the fun for, Sparrows, chickadees, woodpeckers, and an, I got up and went to my writing desk where paper and an, The entire film takes place within a small, The columns shift in a laterally repeating rainbow sequence of 50 colors taken from an ink-marker, A brand new cutting garden will contain an, A large part of their diet consists of many winged insects, a large, The few pretenders who remained were a disappointing, When we arrived at the island, we were greeted by a flock of Tree Swallow, the usual, Social life, as usual with Dickens, is just a bewildering, The most simple dish was a plate of chorizo, ham and cheese, an, A true memorial must address the imagination and not merely present an, Nor is it a police action against a random, This gorgeously restored building is also home to an, Mr Davenport has lived on the farm, which has an, So does the lobster pot pie, which contains an, They could also be used to keep a wide variety of surfaces from accumulating an, All in all I have acquired information about an unusual, The bartender serves beer on a glass-topped counter displaying a wide, At the backpackers' bar you could find the usual, There are many, many large-flowering varieties available in a wide, This important passage contains at least one blatant lie and a wide, In the past they rarely consigned their refuse to plastic bags, leaving it out in an odd, He treated us each with a cup of steaming cocoa, and biscuits and an, There would be a brisk exit from the blighted city, with a car towing an, There were eight percussionists, with an incredible, Abbey opened the plastic bag and found an, They could see the scaled skin of crocodiles and alligators along with an, A lot of our members drive Jeeps of some sort, but we have a good, He also regularly carried out repairs to an, The several pas de deux for the heroine and her lover have a limited, The financial group is also courting foreign strategic investment from an, All that accompanies Blakely onstage is one fold-out chair, a small, Aided by the swift current, we drifted quietly downstream watching the rich, The chosen venue was a trendy tapas joint, which was bursting at the seams with the usual, I wasn't given too much to work with, because this week's episodes were a new, His inventory can be stocked with a whole, That the other characters appear in a pantomimic, A review of some of the most noteworthy pardons in American history reveals a colorful, Not only was it the same colour as the mussel bed, but it had an, There are varieties of pistols, rifles, sub-machine guns and other firearms available, as well as an, Use patterned glasses for impromptu vases, creating centerpieces or table displays with an, From the street, there was the sound of police sirens, the bus hitting the stroller and an, The final selection of four papers explores an even more miscellaneous, The best strategists have at their fingertips a wide, His pitches are heavy with movement, and his, For all the mockney accents and geezer lingo, an, Already, scores of mercenaries were surrounding the camp, pelting it with flaming arrows and a whole, Deep in the heart of New Malden, in a modest semi-detached house near the A3, lies an extraordinary, It had gotten a lot darker and the sky was completely black except with the, Her body twisted around to face the tree and she turned to look up into the wide, From language tutorial CDs through rhymes and stories that enthral toddlers to CDs providing information on home improvement and interior design, the show screams, There are even electronics like iPhone and iPod docking stations and an, Fittingly, the latter portrait hangs in the kitchen beside an, The checkout line snaked around a delectable, The city tumbles down the steep slopes to the river's edge where it coalesces into a raffish, The new game finds our furtive hero having to infiltrate a diverse, For me, it will always be a trip of a lifetime, as we were soon surrounded by a bewildering, If a deleterious mutation occurs, the chromosome carrying that mutation can be lost following unequal, He wore a trench coat, and black pants that had straps attaching the legs in the back, and an, Simple displays that emphasise the activities of the household, such as an armoire stacked with an, Last, but not least, you'll have to make sure you've got an, I watched in amazement as it made light work of blending a whole, There was always a shaker of martinis and an, Route marches, drill and shooting practice helped mould this, But closer study at the nearby University of Alaska revealed an, Around me in the East Stand upper tier are an, Angela's public world and Ronnie's very private life collide with an, Meals can be ordered by arranged sets from the menu or selections can be specially arranged from the large, Maggie the Cow comes to live on the Patch of Heaven dairy farm with a motley, The old picture of a hustler is a wizened guy, standing on a street corner selling some, The seven young musicians play an exciting, The folks over at Conan responded with this ad featuring an, The folks over at Conan have found a way to remedy that, with this ad featuring an, A huge witch, with her hooked nose, black cape and hat and broomstick stared out from an, The paint danger has finally passed, and other than the floor of Kev's dads garage having a random, The game icons are small animated models of infantry, tanks, fighter and bomber planes and an, The gang was carrying a handgun, shotgun and an, Many of the front lawns had been tarmacked over to provide parking space for an, For breakfast try the six-sliced French toast, an, In this twisty take on the western, two upper-class Englishmen, sent to Montana to find their missing brother, pal up with a motley, The chloroplast structure and the pigment, A pidgin version of the Choctaw language was used along many of the trading paths as the universal medium of trade communication among a wide, So yesterday morning, when News Alerts deposited into my in-box a half-dozen links to news stories mentioning me, I swiftly clicked through the, Weapons recovered include a pickaxe, a handaxe, two hammers, a spade, eight baseball bats, a cricket bat, six long-blade knives and an, My fellow diners feast on what looks like a random, The QM2 boasts 24-hour casinos, the only planetarium at sea, and the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, where you can unwind from the day with an, But it leaves the reader with the sense of encountering an, And if there is one consolation to spending a fortnight stuck in the jungle with an, But this does not diminish the fact that living with a Very Boy-like Boy has added a whole, Patients were given herbs and taught how to make decoctions, or the decoctions were prepared by the herbalist and given to the patient using an, Using an electromyograph machine, our science gurus recorded activity in different muscles as our fearless test subject performed an, Just where do all the dedicated dorks, delightful dingbats, and dialectical dunderheads, plus a lively, The collection of seven articles, six essays, and one interview use an, The grey boxes, which protrude slightly from the panel, are inset with downlighters and display a curious, We sampled one with a Christmas Ballotin containing an, Choices vary from traditional Easter baskets to Easter baskets for kids based on an, The arrangement consists of Alstroemeria, Daisies, Lilies and an, If you're like most financial professionals, some of your large spreadsheets contain many worksheets with a wide, Through this partnership, DWI Holdings will offer a unique, And they had this cult following, a bizarre, Soon after the commencement of the war, pilots armed themselves with pistols, carbines, grenades, and an, The Gram stain, however, would show an abundance of inflammatory cells that have phagocytized a wide, Soon Sofia becomes a cause celebre for an, Make goopy delicacies with an injector station and create your own, Textured decorative pillows and sheet sets in heathered neutrals and bold ikat prints complement the entire, Until the late 18th century, the island of Madagascar was ruled by a fragmented, She opened her black canvas holdall, and arranged her, This lesson can be completed within two class periods using Styrofoam, paint and an, I had a plain papadum accompanied by a tray containing the usual, It is the first day of training for a group of ten 'little nippers'.

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