Taipei feels quintessentially Asian while having a personality all of its own is one of the popular cities in Taiwan. There’s always something taking places in Taipei, no matter the time of day. There’s always something taking places in Taipei, no matter the time of day. Here tourists will find the most famous buildings of the Dutch occupation such as the Zeelandia Fort. Also, it’s an easy reach of Alishan National Scenic Area, nature preserve home to amazing mountain landscapes, waterfalls, traditional villages, and high altitude tea plantations. Read More: Best water park in Spain (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Small but beautifully formed, Chiayi in western Taiwan is a quieter city and best city in Taiwan that offers a little caesura from the metropolises on this list. During the evening, head to Wenhua Road night market to eat the local specialty of turkey rice, meat soaked in savory sauce and served on rice. Chiayi is a famed example of smaller cities in Taiwan.

The most visited temple is the Taiwan Confucian Temple,  which was built in 1665, still, it is observing regular Confucian ceremonies. Pingxi is small but holds one of the most popular events in the Taiwanese calendar.

There are various local markets in Taipei that are selling some of the weirdest items that you buy as a gift but end up in total loss after buying only one-pieces due to their extra high prices. You should spend your time between urban attractions like Kaohsiung Dream Mall, Tuntex Sky Tower, and numerous night markets, and natural attractions like Shoushan mountain, where you might spot the rare Formosan rock macaque, picturesque Love River, and Yushan National Park. It’s an incredible spectacle made all the more special by the beautiful natural scenery. Other interesting museums in Taipei City are the Fine Art Museum and the National Museum of History. Most visit for a day or two on their way to the Alishan National Scenic Area. In fact, the city is full of history which is almost impossible to see in a single visit.

The 10 most gorgeous boutique hotels in Malacca for an unforgettable stay, Travel Inspiration: 9 Family getaway ideas for the young and old, Japan 101: 4 Perfect side trips to take when visiting Tokyo, Your email address will not be published. Taichung. Spend your day wending through Chiayi Botanical Gardens to

Taipei City has some of the best museums I’ve been to in Asia. Taiwan is the favorite Asian country and the island-country, famous for its inviting hot springs, impressive mountains, and panicky night markets.

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It was named New Taipei City in 2010 when its population superseded that of Taipei City. Teeming with gastronomic treasures, amiable locals, gorgeous architecture and majestic scenery, Taiwan’s placement on the list of the top ten most visited destinations in Asia is hardly a mystery.

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