This Gerber knife also includes a window punch and an oxygen tank opener. The length of the knife is 8.5 inches overall and 5 inches when it is closed. Won’t rust at all. This knife is highly recommended for hunting and firefighters and emergency medical services paramedics. Once you’re ready, go ahead and put it on order. So having one on you at all times will increase your chances of survival compared to the opposite. Here is a cheap and compact best rescue knife. It’s a bit of a mission to sharpen, but this doesn’t need to be done too often. Before diving into our review of the best rescue knives, here is a quick take of our top 3 picks: The following is a list of the ten best rescue knives on the market. Therefore, the seatbelt cutter will easily slice through even the toughest seatbelt. Locking ability is hit or miss sometimes. The blade may be hard to fold out or retract at times. It’s a fantastic choice for your first rescue knife due to the low cost and the shorter profile. This means that the blade should be in place with the sheath and not have any wiggle room whatsoever. As expected, it’s a rescue knife that is the epitome of how these kinds of knives should work.​Who Will Use This Most This will come in handy whether you’re a first responder, law enforcement official, or if you’re someone looking for a tough as nails and a sharp knife for EDC use. Belt cutter can cut through seat belts fairly quickly. But you should keep it nearby. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Rescue Knives. If you’re a diver trying to cut some rope underwater, it will work to your advantage as well. You can break a window in a few seconds. But if you are, it’s better to be prepared than not. Which makes it excellent for underwater use. But that doesn’t mean you have to be complacent. Thankfully, it has a liner lock and it is really easy to open using just one hand when required. Like the top spincast reel, it has become a top knife for me. ​Who Will Use This Most Since it’s an underwater rescue knife, it will only be used by those who typically get involved with marine rescues. If you’re always out and about in the seas and need a rescue knife that will come quite in handy when it’s needed, give this puppy a closer look. So, it is not a knife to carry every day with you. So, choosing the best rescue knife is important to get the best out of it. The weight might be a bit heavier than other knives on this list, but it is needed for an emergency. This affordable knife comes in a couple of different colors and gives you great value for your money. It’s great if you don’t have loads of carrying space, or you simply don’t enjoy carrying large and bulky knives around with you. Moreover, it cuts through pretty much everything a great knife should do. It’s possibly the best high-end rescue knife with this level of versatility and functionality. T is comfortable along with being stylish. Bottom LineThe Gerber Hinderer Combat Life Saver Knife is the backup that first responders will have on hand before the cavalry will get here in a rescue situation. Also, this Anvil Bladesmiths’ knife features G-10 handle, which is famous for comfort. The knife weighs 7.4 ounces. For its exceptional use and design, this is one of the Best Rescue Knife in orange color on the market. So, in times of need, this knife will come into the act without wasting any more time. You’re getting a treated and coated blade that’s corrosion-resistant and holds its edge well. Just heavy enough to be a solid rescue knife. If you need to quickly open up an oxygen tank, the Gerber rescue knife contains an oxygen wrench built in. The locking system is reliable. ​Why it Stands Out to Us This knife is the more compact version of the legendary knife that has been reliable for generations. Bottom LineThe SpyderCo Assist Salt Rescue Knife is proven to be one of the best rescue knives on water and dry land. Can break through ¼ thick tempered glass. As a rescue knife should be, this Smith & Wesson knife does its job as expected as not only the best multi-purpose rescue knife for tactical purposes, but it serves as a handy survival tool in even the direst of situations. The blade features built-in seatbelt cutter and glass breaker or window punch. The handle provides a comfortable grip. The knife weighs 8.20 ounces. It’s an assisted opening blade, so it’s also well-suited to beginners and first-time users. You won’t likely use this feature too much, but it’s so unobtrusive that you’ll likely forget it’s even there. You just have to push the flipper and it will be opened during uses in different situations. This knife is really easy to open. It’s one of the best rescue knife options at this price point – and reliable addition to your emergency kit. I have been using this knife on my hunting missions and fishing. Weighs only 5.46oz, allowing you to avoid the hassle of carrying a big knife, while enjoying all the benefits of what a big knife can offer, and more. It holds its edge impeccably and lasts for ages. This is unique to find on a pocket knife at this price point. These knives matter and all it takes is one moment of bad luck to realize how important they are! Most feature seatbelt cutters, whistles, LED flashlights, and window punches. Use the right kind of tools and you’ll have a knife that will have your back in any given situation each time you put it to good use. The glass breaker at the end of the knife can break most glass in one hit. They’re extremely sharp and can cut through the toughest of materials. This blade is able to cut anything for emergency need. The blade of this knife is 6 inches long. Carbon steel is by far one of the toughest types of steel on the market. It’s a tough, reliable knife that goes above and beyond the call of duty when you need it most. This knife also features sharpening stone and ballistic polyester casing with removal storage pouch. The glass breaker is hard as a rock. This rescue knife weighs 12 ounces and the weight distributed very strategically so that you don’t have to face any problem with its optimal stability. Durable. With the best rescue knife and a little practice, you’ll be ready for any emergency – you might even save a life! Sheath of the knife seems a little short. He said the quality is decent and can cut through a lot of materials. The most important feature is easy to use the facility. One user said that he uses this religiously as his EDC knife and has used a Swiss Army knife for the same purpose when he was a scout. If you think rescue knives are just for rescue … You’re getting a very sharp blade and a lightweight aluminum handle. May need to be sharpened a little more often than some knives. Functional components include: Drop-point blade with serrated saw, bright LED flashlight, magnesium alloy fire starter, blade lock, window breaker, seatbelt cutter and pocket clip. This rescue knife’s overall length is of 8.5’’ while the blade itself is a solid 3.5’’. The knife tip is blunt as a safety feature. Blade made from high-quality stainless steel with black oxide finish. Carrying the best rescue knife can be the difference between life and death – so it’s worth spending a little time and money on. That means there is a hook blade at the bottom of the blade. The 440c stainless steel does a good enough job at resisting rusting and unnecessary damage, while still being light and strong enough to do heavy cutting work. This multitasking survival knife is constructed with “ease of use” in mind. This will be for those who will never let a good knife like this go to waste. We have chosen this emergency rescue knife as our top choice because it offers extra functions for a knife. The ten models that we’ve chosen were not added on the list at complete random. Plus, they are so sharp that you won’t have to struggle with cutting like with some pocket knives. Seat belt cutter and glass breaker are both excellent added conveniences. Some are not satisfied with this not being made in the USA. With a knife like this, you’ve got all kinds of tools at your disposal for any possible purpose (both EDC and survival). TAC-FORCE KNIFE Blade EMT EMS ORANGE Rescue Folding Pocket NEW Tac Force A/O Speedster Service Linerlock. The tip may be a little disappointing. The glass breaker is super reliable. This knife is really easy to open. You can use it while you are camping, hunting, hiking or any other outdoor expedition. There’s a one-handed serrated locking blade and a disc saw to cover almost all your cutting (in combination with the main knife). It is that simple!! Orange handle accents with EMT shield. Also, the knife’s length is 8.5 inches including handle when open and 5 inches when closed. Most of them have said that they were using this knife for everyday use and survival. The blade is quick to deploy and quick to put away by the time you’re finished. Ridiculously lightweight. It is wrapped with deep grooved black rubber. One user even had to use the glass breaker one time for locking himself out of his vehicle. If you’re starting with carrying EDC items, you may want to add this to your collection of things to carry around.Bottom LineThe Kershaw Barricade is a simple, multifunctional rescue knife that anyone can use (whether they have used a rescue knife before or not). The black and orange handle includes a rubber EMT logo. May rust fairly quickly if it’s not taken care of properly. Stainless clip. Moreover, to increase the comfort, the handle of folding rescue knife is made of aluminum. While the opening times of the tools are slower, it’s made up for by their sturdiness and functionality.

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