Common types of CAD include two-dimensional layout design and three-dimensional modeling. Freeform surface modeling is often combined with solids to allow the designer to create products that fit the human form and visual requirements as well as they interface with the machine. CAD technology helps students and professionals create designs that are both precise and complex. Computer-aided design is one of the many tools used by engineers and designers and is used in many ways depending on the profession of the user and the type of software in question. Two-dimensional projected views can easily be generated from the models. Computer-aided design (CAD) is when a computer system is used to create or modify a design such as: the layout of a kitchen the design of a building the design of cars and other vehicles showing only Information Technology definitions (show all 122 definitions). CAD software for mechanical design uses either vector-based graphics to depict the objects of traditional drafting, or may also produce raster graphics showing the overall appearance of designed objects. Technology CAD acronym meaning defined here. The human-machine interface is generally via a computer mouse but can also be via a pen and digitizing graphics tablet. They are used by engineers, architects and designers to produce detailed design plans and technical drawings. PSP, HIPAA CAD is an example of the pervasive effect computers were beginning to have on industry. They are used by engineers, architects and designers to produce. Top-end systems offer the capabilities to incorporate more organic, aesthetic, and ergonomic features into designs. As in the manual drafting of technical and engineering drawings, the output of CAD must convey information, such as materials, processes, dimensions, and tolerances, according to application-specific conventions. (2007), Learn how and when to remove this template message, Comparison of computer-aided design editors, Comparison of 3D computer graphics software, Comparison of CAD, CAM, and CAE file viewers, Comparison of computer-aided design software, "Discrete surfaces for architectural design", "3D Model-Based Design: Setting the Definitions Straight", "Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)", "3D Feature-based, Parametric Solid Modeling", "What is a CAD Workstation? Bachelor's degrees in architecture and engineering technology usually teach CAD drafting as a part of their program. Today, CAD systems exist for all the major platforms (Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X); some packages support multiple platforms.[11].

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