During the tea ceremony, the couple will address the other side of the family to the formal salutation, signifying the formal union of both families.”.

If you're questions, always feel free to ask in the comment section below.

The best teaware to serve tea in is to either use a traditional Chinese gaiwan or a teapot set with matching cups. How to Tie a Knot during your Wedding Ceremony, 5 Wedding Ceremony Trends You Might Not Have Thought Of, Jewish wedding traditions incorporated into your secular ceremony, Beer ceremony wedding at Spruce Point Inn, 5 tips for a perfectly paced wedding ceremony, Fall Wedding at Eagle Mountain House Jackson New Hampshire, Environmentally Conscious Wedding Ceremony Trends. While these could be used to make a sweet soup (served in bowls) for both the bride and groom, they normally aren't added to the tea for parents and family members. I'm going as a guest on the groom side. Since the early 1900s, Chinese weddings have modernized and partly following western practice. Those receiving the tea should not hold the cup but the saucer as the gaiwan cup itself can be hot.

Is there a specific response one makes after presentation of tea? Is this true? I think this isn't so much an issue about etiquette or cultural difference, but more a family problem. Thank you for your response. In China, serving tea when guests come is a very traditional propriety. So we can't really answer this question for you.

My family wants me to do this because of tradition. After the drinking of the tea, the following procedure is that gifts for the bride and groom will be presented. What made this wedding extra special was the modern, mid-ceremony Chinese Tea Ceremony. A tea ceremony also meaningful in many other ways.

The grooms parents divorced many many years ago. However, such practice is rare today, and is only applied by very conservative families.

What colors are considered respectful for a non Chinese guest to wear specifically a women? What are the steps to Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony? If we’re also doing a western/Christian ceremony, when should we hold this ceremony?

Bride and groom need to dress in red silk and the tulle veil should be red too.

No, it's not.

To introduce the tea ceremony, I said the following: The bride and groom have chosen to adapt elements of the traditional Chinese tea ceremony to recognize their parents today. If my parents are both Hispanic and his parents are Chinese, do we serve both or just his parents?
It's however seen as a fairly negative colour in the West. Since that's just half a month away, we can't guarantee arrival by the end of August. Once they've drank the tea, take back the gaiwan with two hands, once again by holding the saucer. There are traditions, but a wedding is also a very personal event.

Can You Reuse Tea Leaves & Tea Bags Between Steeps?

Would this be appropriate or would a black dress be more appropriate? One of the most crucial things is to ensure that you have invited your guests for the Chinese tea ceremony. See this video in which we show how you can brew a Chinese black tea in a gaiwan and serve during a ceremony. Both bride and groom are expected to serve tea in a gaiwan to both sides of the parents, representing an important moment in which members of both families become relatives of each other. The traditional envelopes are made from paper/carton. We scoured the internet and I researched the tradition so I could write a custom introduction to their modern tea ceremony.

As said, that's for honoring the older generations of relatives. This is great and very useful for an American Chinese person like me! “Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to, ’s aunt and I will be the host for today’s tea ceremony.

But before the dinner/banquet. I am British born (half) Chinese and my mother's family would like us to perform a tea ceremony. It is important to get your family and relatives to RSVP so that you will have a list of people that will be attending the tea ceremony. My fiancée’s family aren’t Chinese and I would like to create little information cards for everyone to read about the ceremony and understand what’s going on, and can keep as a keepsake afterwards. The tea ceremony is a common wedding tradition in Chinese culture when the bride and groom pay their respects and show their gratitude towards their parents, new in-laws, and elders by serving them tea. So the wedding is very mixed cultures since the wedding ceremony and reception will be a mix of Chinese, Japanese and western styles. In the past, it might not be ok in certain regions of China.

Besides gaiwans, It's also common these days to prepare tea in a teapot and serve in cups. 寿" which means longevity. The tea ceremony/wedding celebration will be in mid Sept at a country club in PA in the afternoon. However, if you place an order today and ship by express shipping you'll likely receive it during August. or just one to who.
The ones held in my family have always happened after the wedding ceremony itself. During Chinese wedding tea ceremonies, brides commonly wear Qun Kua or Qipaos which are like the Chinese version of wedding gowns. The type and taste of tea are important elements to embody the essence of Chinese Symbolism and meaning in the marriage and family. It's therefore not very unusual if one parent is served, while the other seat is empty.


Though in English is simply just Aunt and Uncle, the Chinese language would be more confusing as there are different ways of calling for a specific aunt and uncle. There's no rule of thumb for this.

Sorry, I’m a bit confused. The Chinese Tea Wedding Ceremony is referred to as jing cha in Chinese, literally meaning, 'to respectfully offer tea.' The red tea cup with lid (gaiwan) isn't available anymore in our store, but if you're interested we can order one for you. Nick. What happens if you are in a serious relationship with the grooms father. Can we ask one of our siblings ( also This can greatly help for the other preparations such as the number of teacups to get and determine the order of serving beforehand to help the host better facilitate the ceremony. Well you really don't have to, since gifts are usually in forms of red envelopes with money that can widely ranges from 50 to 500 USD.

If it's at the banquet or dinner facility, that would be okay. We see lots of couples of mix cultures getting married these days, while growing up in international environments.

Given this, it might be great to ask the parents first, if they have a suitable antique gaiwan before considering buying a new one. If so, then it's better to prepare a gift as well. Since you don't need that many grams, it's not gonna cost you a fortune, even if it's an expensive tea. Influenced by Japanese culture, the tea ceremony became more grave and formal. Check out more places to get your traditional Kuas. In other words, does the server say anything when they serve the tea, and does the recipient say anything before or after drinking the tea? Because these are traditional colours the bride would wear. The groom's family is originally from Hong Kong. Is it okay to hold the tea ceremony in a close friend’s home as both parents ‘ homes are too small to accommodate all the relatives attending the tea ceremony? (We would like to talk Grace Zhang for her sharing this comment with us.). Red dates: 红枣 (hong zao), red dates in Chinese sounds like the zao in 早生贵子, which means wishing the couple to have children soon. Or do they drink the whole cup and give it back to the bride&groom, then they repeat the process to all the other members? In a wedding, such an act is to show respect and gratitude to parents for all the years of love and care. Hi! These red envelopes are also called 'lai see' in Hong Kong and the Guangdong province, while in other areas in China they're know as 'hong bao'. It was a special ceremony I will remember forever! So no need for a separate gift for the tea ceremony. do not want to hubby or grooms family upset over hubby's possible outburst. On this page, we've documented all the information you need to know to get ready for your wedding, or organize a Chinese wedding tea ceremony for someone close to you. If you're not sure, you should ask someone in the family first. To decorate the room for the Chinese wedding tea ceremony is also a good choice. Create a list of guests to invite and make sure that you don’t leave out any of your extended relatives. His mother said that traditionally only the grooms family is allowed to be at the tea ceremony. First of all, congrats with the wedding of our son. However, the tradition of tea ceremonies in Chinese weddings has remained, and is still highly treasured today. After the wedding. A black dress is perfectly fine. Also, my in-laws are Korean so just wondering if you know any related traditions/rituals we could add in. Today, many couples choose to show respect to both the bride and groom's families by hosting tea ceremonies for both sides. daughter is marrying into a Chinese family. Traditionally, sweet teas are served for Chinese wedding tea ceremonies. Plain red teaware is also suitable. What we also often see, is that the second chair is simply removed from the stage, so that the person sitting on the chair feels more comfortable. Subscribe & stay up to date with the latest deals and new products or follow us on social media. The bride and groom takes the cups from the tray and give it to the guests. Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony, 敬茶 in Chinese, is directly translated as to offer tea. May I know from which part of China your mother in law is from? Afterwards, they should return it to the bride and groom who puts it back on the tray.

This is basically a cup that comes with a lid and saucer. Sometimes the guests puts it directly on the tray. Hi Crystal, do you mean a response from the serving or receiving side? It's better to be embarrassed asking, then feeling embarrassed when giving a too low amount. The other tea set is the bride’s mother’s own tea set used in her wedding in the past, which will be used to serve teas for the bride’s side of the family.

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