You’ll be helping yourself and doing other drivers a favour, too. Snass Creek meets the Skagit River in Rhododendron Fflats.

Along Wallace Street appreciate the series of large wood sculptures and perhaps visit the Memorial Japanese Gardens dedicated to their Internment during the Second World War. From here to Juliet the trail is on and off the rail grade.

Coquihalla) to bare pavement within 24 hours of a winter weather event ending (previously 48 hours) at temperatures of warmer than minus nine degrees, when de-icing chemical use is effective. Thanks for connecting with us here. Most times bicycles need to be lifted over 2 such gates. The tunnels and surrounding area became a provincial park in 1998. UPDATE – #BCHwy5 SB CLOSED due to a vehicle incident south of Carolin Mine Road Exit. Between Juliet and Brodie expect to cross two challenging slides, all part of the adventure. 07/30/2018 23:01 – #HopeSAR called out for a vehicle that has struck the back end of a parked semi just past the #Coquihalla's old Toll Booth – vehicle is pinned with unknown number of occupants trapped.#HSAR #HopeSAR @DriveBC. We are praying for those involved in the accident, hoping there were no fatalities (sic),” he posted to Facebook. Also, the barriers we installed to increase safety for motorists can make plowing more difficult, so snow blowers are used here more often than anywhere else in the province. 4W drives can make it to Lodestone Lake from Coalmont but beyond that it may not be possilbe. The tunnels normally reopen by May long weekend (current expected date May 15, 2020) but are often delayed due to rock slides that occur over the winter that block the trail and tunnel entrances. Corrections to our online maps, which may include improvements to the trail alignment or updates about campsites, toilets, grocery stores and other details listed on our maps. Of course if the route closes, there are others you can take to get to your destination, like Highway 1. Check out the Google Map for an alternate route to by-pass the tunnels for equestrians and also for hikers wanting a loop trail, and for all users during the winter months when the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park is closed. In case you’ve ever wondered, here’s who they are and the areas they cover (and here’s a full list of our maintenance contractors): We’re always looking to make our roads as safe as possible, so we set high standards for our maintenance contractors to meet, and we work closely with them to make sure they deliver. We can’t say exactly what the conditions will be like during your travel – but you can probably expect snow at high elevation and rain and possibly slush in other areas. Alternate route via Highway 1 (Kamloops) Currently, there is no estimated time of opening.

Cyclists must keep their attention on the roadway to avoid loose rock and soft gravel.

I do have “M&S” logo on my tires. Even if there are efforts being made to take this whole trail off Ministry of Highways roads (about 13 km at this time), the route will likely always include a substantial amount of former Forest Service Roads and a few active ones.

You must click "upload" after selecting file. Thanks for connecting with us here. It is possible to setup a wilderness camp near the bottom of the Upper Silverhope Forest Service Road.

It is much flatter but the trail is often in a tight squeeze between the river and the Highway. There is excellent camping at the Coquihalla Campground at the west side of the bridge before crossing the Coquihalla River on Kawkawa Lake Road. Also, 6.7 km later the spectacular Bridalveil Falls of Falls Creek, the site of a vestige rail bridge in the foreground, is yet another great feature along this route. Become a member, volunteer, trail steward or just get in touch. Near Paddy's Pond there is a trail junction. If you have M+S tires with a minimum tread depth of 3.5mm, you can travel any route between Vancouver and Vernon. We recommend you plan your route before you go, check DriveBC before you leave and give yourself plenty of time. – Increasing patrol frequency to 90 minutes on a Class A highways (i.e. Copyright © 2020, Province of British Columbia. (Original story: 6:30 a.m.) - Anyone driving between the B.C. https:/…winter-tire-and-chain-up-routes. Check before you go, give yourself plenty of time, drive carefully and be prepared with warm clothes, food and water and gas, should you need to stop for any reason. Thanks! Wear long pants, long sleeves, and waterproof boots. While waiting for a bridge to be built over the Coquihalla River 4 km from here, cyclists can hop onto the shoulder of the Highway going north from the former cable car tower. Two patients were transported to hospital. 1247 Charter Hill Drive Here are some links to more information for you: Jessica Trail (Sowaqua to Portia) - 11.9 km.

As an alternative to this Summit Trail, cyclists may use the shoulder of the Highway from Portia to the Coquihalla Lakes. The Coquihalla Highway is closed southbound north of Hope, B.C., after a vehicle crashed near the Carolin Mine Road exit. Consider using an alternate route: #BCHwy1 or #BCHwy3. You may add more detail in your report.  Twitter, The Trails Society of British Columbia • According to Calvin Shupe, a vehicle rear-ended a semi near the Britton Creek rest area on the Coquihalla. The 3-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol (some manufacturers label with both the mountain snowflake and the M+S symbol). We really suggest checking for the latest road conditions/weather before heading out. After using the highway for about 4.6 km from the former tram or cable car tower there is a service road on the right side of the road barriers. The Cascade Trail (for equestrians) connects to the Trans Canada Trail east of Paleface Pass and south of where the TCT intersects with Silver Skagit Road; for those joining the Cascade from the Trans Canada Trail, the Cascade runs northeast from its western terminus for about 400 metres before connecting to Silver Skagit Road.

Next update for 8:30AM.

Despite its altitude, the weather is generally warmer than other mountain passes, which can lead to more melting/freezing cycles and more problems with ice.

We recommend drivers install mountain/snowflake tires for cold weather driving and, for extreme conditions, carry chains. Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for the Coquihalla Highway, with amounts of 10 to 20 cm expected to fall throughout the day and into the night. An assessment is in progress and the estimated time of opening is not available. Winter tire regulations are in effect until March 31, so no it is not legal to drive without the proper tires. Note, GPX files do not contain custom colours and icons that we use on our maps; all tracks and icons will appear the same colour and styles. Thank you.

If you have either of these tires on your vehicle, you should be fine travelling the route – although we encourage you to check DriveBC before you go, in case the weather turns quickly (which can happen quickly in high mountain passes).

Only the Dewdney Trail is described here for now. Driving through before Christmas, and looking at the highway from the drive.bc cameras over the last few weeks, there seem to be very little snow being cleared during the snow storms, also there are huge patches of road up there that have not only had very little snow clearing, but also no salt or sanding being done. Please contact Trails BC if you require in-depth trail knowledge or have suggestions or corrections. Weather in high mountain passes can be unpredictable at almost any time of year. Information such as a precise location (GPS waypoint), photo, as well as your contact information is extremely helpful to ensure the problem is accurately reported, and so we can follow up with you.

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