Hades informs the pirate that for every person they help cross over, he has to decide which one of his friends is going to stay in the Underworld. Arthur & Hook’s Unfinished Business: Hook thanks Arthur for helping him on his quest. Robin’s Funeral: At Robin’s funeral, Zelena tells Regina the only name she can think of to give her daughter is Robin. ("Devil's Due"), With Hook having been rescued, the heroes now work to find a way to defeat Hades, free the souls and get home. She tells him that if she returns to the land of the living then Emma will no longer be a murderer. A bright light appears and Arthur realizes defeating Hades was Hook’s unfinished business. 'Once Upon A Time' Season 5, Episode 12 Recap, 'Once Upon a Time' Winter Finale Recap Before Season 5B Premiere, Biden Taps Longtime Aide Ron Klain As W.House Chief Of Staff, Boeing Lifts China Plane Demand Outlook As Economy Picks Up, Tesla No. Hades takes a liking to those who send many souls his way, though he hates anyone who might seek to take those souls away from him - such as Emma Swan and her loved ones, who come to the Underworld to rescue Captain Hook. ("Firebird"), As Hades adjusts to being in Storybrooke with Zelena, the Wicked Witch wishes to spread word of the Lord of the Underworld's redemption; however, this simply is not the case. Hades saves the remains of Em in a jar, making it clear to the citizens of the Underworld that their fate will be the same as Dorothy's aunt if they try helping the living heroes. Mary Margaret finds Hercules working the docks in “Bizarro Storybrooke.” Unlike Mary Margaret, Hercules hasn’t aged. See what happens below. ("Our Decay"), Whilst watching Zelena walk down the streets of the Underworld, Hades comes to notice a white flower blooming from debris; it's a symbol of hope. Zelena Makes a Choice: When Zelena walks in to find Hades about to strike Regina with the crystal, he lies and tells her Robin was planning to kill her. Zelena still remains unsure of this though, and leaves Hades without an answer, later returning to the farmhouse to be confronted by Regina, who was spying on them the entire time. See their sincere farewell. And it just so happens that the magical pen he snapped in Storybrooke made its way down to the Underworld. See where he goes in the following clip. Having found a withered flower, he sends it to the Wicked Witch as a gift at the diner. Elsewhere, Regina sends Robin (Sean Maguire) and Henry (Jared Gilmore) to Cora’s (Barbara Hershey) office to find maps of the town. Rumple later meets with Hades for his ride home, but Hades now has other ideas; he's come to learn something about the Dark One, that being his wife Belle is pregnant with Rumple's second child. He is the fast-talking god of the Underworld with a fiery temper and a vendetta against his eldest brother, Zeus. And Mary Margaret’s right. After Hook sacrificed himself and stayed in the Underworld, the Storybrooke gang will have to say goodbye to another person they love. Rumple is taken to Hades' lair where a deal is formed: Rumple will do away with the boat found to escort everyone home in exchange for his own passage back, thus allowing him to continue his reign as the Dark One without the heroes' interference. Read the recap to see who died on Once Upon a Time! She says that it was said by one of them that that was enough, but now she realizes that it really never will be. He warns Mary Margaret that he’ll go after her family if she interferes with his. As Henry thinks over Cruella’s offer, the others head to the cave that the prisoner escaped from.

She seeks out Hercules again to tell him about her new plan – they fight Cerberus together. The good thing is that they don’t need to enter the cave again, because Cerberus is loose above ground. Emma agrees to this, and once the contract is torn and Zelena is saved, Hades' heart is finally restarted by a kiss of true love. Regina wishes to put an end to Zelena's blooming relationship with Hades, and so she goes to Cora for assistance, which ultimately leads to the three women finally making amends with one another, and Zelena and Regina seeing Cora off as she leaves for Mount Olympus. Unfortunately, no one is more hated than the Lord of the Underworld... except maybe the Wicked Witch, with whom he shared a brief yet unfruitful romance. Zelena is touched by Hades' gestures, but is still unable to trust him for the time being. ("Souls of the Departed"), When Hook helps Megara escape from Hades' prison, the ruler of the Underworld has his guards bring the wounded pirate (who had just battled Cerberus) to his lair. Things don't go as planned though, and instead of getting Regina back to Storybrooke, Regina gets her father to move on from the Underworld, for his closure with his daughter meant the resolution of his unfinished business. Now, thanks to his second chance in the Underworld, Hercules was finally able to save her. When Snow leaves and Emma stands by Robin’s grave, a bolt of light knocks her back. She simply wishes for her happy ending, and decides to take her chances with Hades. ("Sisters"), Hades learns of Zelena's kidnapping, with the Dark One and Pan ransoming her at the diner the next morning, agreeing to return her if Hades rips of the contract he has regarding Rumple and Belle's child. The prisoner who aided them is actually Megara (Kacey Rohl), a woman who Hercules met prior to his demise. Emma searches the woods and finds the prisoner that Hook helped free.

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