Neophobic behavior serves rodents as a survival strategy. When it comes to pests, it’s true what they say: everything’s bigger in Texas. This is actually a good thing though, it means they are at ease with their owners being around and not constantly checking out for “danger”. Depending on the model, either mice will not enter the live traps, or the trap is easily set off prematurely. In addition, Ives is serving his second term as president of the Michigan Pest Control Association. But in other situations there’s too much going on for simple rules to work, and that’s when information integration learning has to kick in. If you feed your pets outside, leave the food out for just long enough to be eaten, and then remove it. You wouldn’t begin to learn the English language by reading Shakespeare, right? Box 70375, Houston TX 77270, or faxed to him at 713/681-9069, Q: We have found a lot of information on integrated pest management programs and techniques, however, we have not been able to locate a good source of equipment and tools that might be used in implementing IPM programs. Unlike dogs though, they can also learn to walk the tightrope, run mazes, and solve puzzles. Creig Manson and Paul Carbino, who have extensive experience in pest control field sales, recently joined B&W as field sales representatives. In fact, when you think of them, you likely focus on the negative: They can carry pathogens that may cause disease, they can infest your homes and can cause property damage. On the retail market, homeowners can purchase various types of “humane” mousetraps, however, some of the more commonly available traps are not very effective. Additionally, researchers have even found that mice sing. More important, these traps are too small and confining. Other companies honored with a “Best-of-the-Best” award included the Coca-Cola company, Du Pont and IBM. As a result there has been an increase in requests for services that resolve rodent problems via non-lethal programs, or by at least using the most humane method possible. So how do we control the elusive, neophobic rat? Install liquid baits. (FM). Too, the unsuspecting homeowner driving the captured animal to a point of release is likely to face a rather ugly scenario. But later on, once she woke up, she just runs around looking for her mate and following the scent, so she can go sleep with her again! As I see it, there are two ways to approach this issue: either consumers become certified as commercial applicators, or the legislature enacts an amendment to FIFRA that limits the sale and use of pesticide concentrates only to certified applicators, i.e., the professionals. In the first task, the patterns varied on only one dimension—either orientation or spacing—and rats and humans performed it equally well. All rat bites should be treated by a doctor. It involves removing a small part of the skull of a living rat and replacing it with a coverslip, so we literally have a window into its brain and can see how its neural circuits change as it learns tasks.

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