My method is aimed to help even the most complete beginner draw something they once thought was impossible.If you get stuck on the shading part, please refer to my shading tutorials below. Don’t leave the eyeball white or else it will appear unrealistic and lack depth. They are very important since we are able to judge a person’s emotions by only looking at their eyes only. After you have become good at drawing eyes, then you can go for drawing a face which requires lot of skills to do with ease. Thank you! If you decide to make a purchase through the link, I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Shade the eye whites as well as the skin around the eyes. Follow my simple, detailed steps to draw a realistic eye in pencil. -\u0026ref=share RFA STORE: content contains affiliate links. Drawing eyes is one of the most crucial tasks that you must practice before going for drawing a face.

This helps fund free tutorials on the RFA channel and website. Welcome students.

For a more detailed tutorial on shading eye whites and how to make eyeballs look round, click here. Follow my simple, detailed steps to draw a realistic eye in pencil. Darken the creases using a 4B pencil. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :) Subscribe for more FREE drawing tutorials:✅ RELATED TUTORIALSHow to Shade for Beginners: Techniques: to Draw a Pair of Eyes: to Draw Matching Symmetrical Eyes: to Draw an Eye from the Side:✏️❤️ TOOLS I USED- HB + 4B Mechanical Pencil Lead: Blending Stump: Kneadable Eraser: Electric Eraser: White Gel Pen: SmudgeGuard Glove: Soft Tissue Paper: Canson Drawing Paper (If you want smooth drawings, look for paper labelled as \"fine tooth\" or smooth, but make sure it's thick so you can work it): Ruler SKIP TO...Intro - 0:00Tools: 0:20Step 1 - Circle: 0:51Step 2 - Eye Angle: 1:23Step 3 - Eye Shape: 1:50Step 4 - Eye Crease: 3:13Step 5 - Iris: 4:32Step 6 - Highlight: 5:42Step 7 - Pupil: 6:48Step 8 - Iris Detail: 8:35 - Cast Shadow 10:16Step 9 - Shade Eye: 18:09 - Cast Shadow: 20:46Step 10 - Skin Details: 21:57Step 11 - Shade Skin: 22:43Step 12 - Blending: 28:08Step 13 - Touch-ups: 29:19Step 14 - Eyelashes: 30:50 - Shadows: 39:04 - Reflection: 42:25Step 15 - Make it POP: 43:24 - Darken: 43:56 - Lighten: 47:13Step 16 - Touch-Ups: 48:23 MY CAMERA EQUIPMENTOverhead Camcorder for Tutorials (Canon Vixia HF R400): Camcorder Mount: for every other angle (Sony a 5000): Lens: (Closeup) Lens: Bulbs: If you enjoyed this video, help others enjoy it by adding captions in your native language. Thank you for your support!

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