Upgraded to three tap tower and can fit three cornys no problem. Thank you for sharing your experience with this kagerator and for letting us know your thoughts about the tower, we will keep it in mind and try our best to improve our models. Kegco Dual Tap Full Size Beer Dispenser, Best Mini: Turns out it’s cheaper to buy this way so the kegerator will eventually pay for itself. The temperature control is a little touchy but it’s easy to find your desired setting within a day or two. A digital temperature gauge allows you to select a temperature between 32 and 60 degrees, depending on what you're chilling and your preferences. There’s even room for a second hold of kegs for carbonating home brews, while a pre-drilled hole in the back of the fridge allows for an easy-to-access CO2 canister. © 2020 Best Buy. Had issues at first by not putting on a washer from beer line to keg, had some leaks. The fridge itself measures 34.375 x 23 x 25.375 inches and can easily fit a full-sized keg, as well as an oversized keg or other, smaller keg set ups. It works great! We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. A little larger than the previous which makes putting a half barrel inside a lot easier. I’ve had this unit for about 3 weeks. Came banged up. This product is trash. Whether you are a beer connoisseur who prefers to drink your favorite brews on tap or you just like the ease of having a keg on hand, a kegerator can help you enjoy a cold glass of beer straight from the tap in the comfort of your own home. Unit was very simple to set up. All in all, this kegerator is an excellent, cost-effective choice. The box attaches to the keg through the back of the cooler, then rapidly cools down your suds by passing the beer through cold pipes and plates to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Read helpful reviews from our customers. ", "This kit comes with everything you need to turn your mini fridge into a custom kegerator. Assembly was easy. ft. Kegco’s full-service kegerator kit (which includes a complete keg tapping kit) will keep beer at just the right temperature for weeks at a time. Even the tube up to the tap is cooled, which helps keep your drink at the perfect temperature as it makes its way to your glass. Plenty of room for full keg and gas canister. Kegco’s Beer Dispenser comes at a higher price point than most, but it’s equipped with every bell and whistle you need. Locking caster wheels allow you to transport the kegerator to wherever the party is. I'd personally rather just have some extra head on that first pour and wait the 2 minutes it takes to go down. However, CO2 is cheap ($15 at local paintball supply in the Atlanta area). The instructions are okay for the most part but really suck in regards to explaining the washer placement. Or, connect both a pressurized or non-pressurized keg to the system and run its beer through a small keg system. This upgraded model on Kegco’s classic dispenser includes a corrosion-resistant CO2 tank, premium dual gauge regulator, and a stainless steel draft beer tower with three taps. Lots of foam until I got temp, longer line and a tower cooler and sleeve. The LED display lets you choose a temperature between 33 and 39 degrees, depending on your preference. Keeps my drinks and kegs icy and available on demand! The panel also makes it easy to adjust temperatures as the weather changes. The kit includes a five-pound CO2 tank, stainless steel single faucet draft tower, pressure regulator, D-system coupler for use with American kegs, plus all the piping and hardware needed to attach it all together. While traditional growlers can let beer go flat after the first pour, NutriChef’s stainless steel growler uses vacuum pressure to keep beer fresh for up to two months. May be my most economic purchase EVER. This small kegerator (33 x 23 inches) holds either a petite half keg or one-fourth of a slim keg (though note that it cannot hold a Miller or Coors keg). A 5lb tank should last about 6 half kegs or 17 1/6 kegs (I get the 1/6 kegs to change it up more often and to save my back hauling it upstairs). Mine arrived A ok even after being flown from Anchorage, Alaska to Bethel, Alaska via Lynden Air on a C-130 Hercules. It cools the beer to 34 degrees at the 5.5/6.0 setting. If you have any further questions or doubts, feel free to get in contact with my team at any time.- Janína G. | Insignia Support | https://www.insigniaproducts.com/contact-us. Absolutely love this. Beer has been in the fridge for less than 24 hours so I cannot tell if it gets cold enough at this point. Took me a keg and a half to get it right along with co2 pressure. I did how ever decide I wanted to have a variety so I converted mine to a two tap tower but was still very happy as is also.

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