Get reasonably priced food at the Scottish Storytelling Centre cafe where you’ll be able to hide from the majority of Edinburgh’s noisy tourists. One of these time capsules is displayed in the window. You’ll find something interesting to look at in each room and there are more paintings and period-piece household decorations than you might expect for a 550-year old building, but they’re unlikely to have been commissioned by a religious man like Knox. During an excavation of the house, time-capsules were found buried in the gable wall and to commemorate the moment the building was saved. Physical copies of the guide are available in other languages from Reception, as well as an English audio version which you can download. Contact Information. Children under 7:  Free. In fact, it’s his association with it that prevented it being demolished in 1840 when many others were being pulled down as part of the city’s attempt to drag itself into the modern era. After Mossman’s death the house was handed over to James VI of Scotland and was subsequently inhabited by a succession of wealthy residents until it gradually became derelict. The reason for that is that Edinburgh’s women were under constant scrutiny by church authorities and it was well known that witches always preferred using their left hand over their right. The house is associated with one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in Scottish History – The Scottish Reformation – which resulted in the outbreak of civil war and the abdication of Mary, Queen of Scots. Name. Many visitors catch a glimpse of the exterior of the 15th-century house during sightseeing tours, walking tours, and hop-on hop-off bus tours of Edinburgh. Follow my adventures on Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. Knox, a prominent Reformation leader, is thought to have lived here in the 16th century, and the building now hosts tours chronicling the life of Knox and the houses’ other famous resident, James Mossman, goldsmith to Mary, Queen of Scots. Explore There were many influential people that took part in this religious upheaval but one of the leading figures was John Knox, a firebrand preacher who is perhaps best known for his battles against Mary Queen of Scots. John Knox House dates back to 1470, which makes it and Moubray House attached, the oldest, original medieval building surviving on the Royal Mile. If you went to school in Scotland you might remember learning about Knox and the Scots queen but if you’ve forgotten most of it (like I have) you’ll find a superb tourist attraction that explains this important time in Scotland’s history at the John Knox House in the middle of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. The village of Lochranza on the Isle of Arran is located in an exceptionally picturesque area on the north of the island. Although the main event is actually exploring the house you’ll only really get a feel for Edinburgh at the time Knox was alive by exploring the Royal Mile (so-called because it’s a mile from Holyrood Palace at the bottom to Edinburgh Castle at the top). It’s also remarkably well preserved for such an old building. I have got a small negative to point out though, which is that as it’s such a small museum you’ll struggle to make your visit last much more than an hour, but on the other hand it’s cheap to enter for a city centre attraction so even though your visit will be short it’s still good value for money. In response, any woman using the fountain made sure they operated it with their right hand so they put their left foot on the fountain step for balance. Children over 7:    £1 Secure your spot with ease, stay flexible, and never miss out. It’s amazing to think that this house was built in the 1470s considering it’s in such good condition, and its age makes both it and the adjoining Moubray House the only surviving medieval buildings on the Royal Mile.

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