Although their abilities to provide luck would be great, they most likely wouldn’t have any power over their enemies luck or the direct ability to lower luck.

Maids are said to be “made” of their aspect, as if they collect it to aid their teammates. Rapidly flash a bright light in your hands, blinding your target(s.). I value truth and honesty (which is why I love to learn so much), and like being able to maintain control.

They’d also keep anything that could be classified as a resource (wealth, knowledge, luck, anything really) in good condition. On that note, a word of caution. Sylph of Breath: The Sylph of Breath will make for a good healer and defensive combatant.


The Maid of Blood just all around sounds like a very nice person. The lesson in Breath is social assertiveness. knowledge, and influence. When I rp-ed this I had my Maid be incredibly poor and reliant on illegal gambling to help keep her family up-to-date on the bills, so lacking in fortune but reliant on luck.

You would give significance to your own things, rather than the things everyone else focuses on; maybe a book, a symbol, a game, a piece of music - again, you might be the sort of person to start a trend if the thing in question becomes significant enough! BLESSING – Requires 5 Light – Boosts the user’s luck. We see this in how Aradia needs ‘time’ to complete her tasks, but to get it DIES or how Jane has a cushy ‘life’ being an heiress but must survive multiple assassination attempts and the restricted lifestyle that brings. The Maid of Light may find that what they do will go unappreciated at times, but they must keep going until they ARE appreciated, as they will probably be an extremely helpful player to the session. I’m pretty sure your Light player has asked her WHSB easy to make fun of. Lasts 15 minutes. Team asks always seem so daunting but I have finally attempted to come to a conclusion ;u;). Do you start bending the rules to make your decisions easier? Sylph: Sylphs heal and aid others with or of their aspect and may manipulate it if it’s for the aid of others. For relationships A Maid of Light who is not doing do well would be to worried into going to a relationship while a good Maid of Light would go into a relationship, but she would be very picky on moderating her clingyness, and she would know exactly on how to moderate it. they could also generate large flashes of light that could blind enemies and light up a dark room. ut4k4t4-deactivated20170905 They may rely on others to tell them what is important, what is the truth, or similar concepts. One who creates their aspect or one who creates through their aspect. Jane had to ‘bring life’ back to a dead planet. This Page would make a great leader, Around them unity and friendship would blossom. Firsts off they could crank up that simple flashlight into a light beam with the force of a sun.

They’re going to be the most offensively powerful member of the team for sure and will be able to completely wreck the Dersian royalty singlehandedly, so long as the Witch remains loyal.

lover, “Got any hard candy in that purse of yours? Explaining Aradia’s life and death is something as long as explaining all Homestuck. grandmotherly scarves and other soft materials, your WHSB’s first instinct in The Prince of Light would have the ability to destroy information and luck, or to use information and luck as a tool to destroy other things. sure everything goes well until the Maid of Light seems to have calmed down. Like all aspects, Light is multifaceted, and the canon players have all utilized different parts. Maid: Maids create and provide their aspect and for their aspect. -Maid abilities: Create aspect; grow aspect, -Light abilities: Luck, understanding, illusions. A Bard of Space invites destruction though space. Lasts up to 1 hour or until the spell is dismissed. The Maid of Light might sound a little underwhelming at first. If we wanted to stretch it to 'clean’, perhaps a Maid of Light could improve her players’ performance by removing the stains of bad luck. leave-me-alone-dad, Maid Of Light - Shining Duty - Theme Request, #the diffraction of light could be more fitting of a prince since its more the separation of white light than creation of colored light, #but since i thought about it only after finishing the drawing i think im going to keep it like this. A great space player, a bad frog breeder. Their main role would be to retain their own worth and the worth of others by keeping everyone relevant. Finding where timelines prosper would probably mean knowing which timelines are good and which are doomed. They’d be excellent lie detectors, reading people like a book with ease. Maids are the active creation class, who serve their aspect, but can create it in unnatural ways. SOLARBEAM – Requires 150 Light – A deadly laser of blazing heat up to 4000 degrees fahrenheit is fired from the user’s palms. constrict someone who is having a seizure. You keep looking for answers without realizing you already had them to begin with. said: Maids create their aspect as weve seen with Jane. In this way the Maid allows others to benefit from knowledge and brings ideas or concepts to reality. She could maybe even do this to players who have low self-esteem and feel worthless. Power-wise, your Maid will start off pretty passive.

Light is synonymous with Riches, Luck, and Knowledge. “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way”. Before they reach their potential, they might be hostile or friendless, but once they attain their full potential, they would be friendly, kind and well-loved. A Maid of Light is not just a supportive player, however. Scientists are always creating information - picking up things that they understand, gathering all the information they have around them, maybe even just straight up finding new information (like a new species of animal or a new theory for how the universe works), and compiling it into something new and exciting.

said: Maids are those who server her team with her aspect. complete with backup vocals and the help of a local band. They’re also going to be able to take freedom, mobility and literal air and wind and then use that to the aid of their team mates.

As a Maid of Light, they can bring out the Light (relevance) in themselves and others, and to be relevant is to be important, so no one would feel like a waste or worthless. In this way, Light may also be used to represent fate or destiny, if the information of an individual’s fate is manipulated. They could make these little files about them, all the seascarred

Maid of Light: A Maid of Light is a wellspring of luck. (Not like you asked to be though; in fact, you’d rather have someone else puling the strings, and most likely they will.) Breath players are either way too assertive or not at all. someone is injured, or if they seem to be cold, but it’s not good to additionally It is likely that the challenge of the Maid of Light will be to ensure they’re always trying to “tidy up” knowledge, by making sure that all the players in their session know what’s going on, no one is being mislead with false information, and everyone knows which part to play for their team. The Witch of Breath manipulates wind, freedom and life essence to her own gain. you have to do is apply eau de mothball and

Everything with a probability factor is almost guaranteed to happen in favor of a Maid of Light. situations. luminousinsomniac

Everyone’s super excited and is already at the leader’s planet, ready to party. Of course, the Maid tries to get The Maid of Light’s personality, pre-realization, may be that of a Void player, interested in the obscure, in darkness, and other things that Void represents or is represented by.

with meaning and such, I think a Maid of Light would try to “immortalize” their The thief could be troublesome if not watched, possibly taking up time for themselves, which is never good in such a time-oriented game. As the other Time player, they may or may not have a Scratch Construct, and if they do, then they are the one best suited to initiate the Scratch if that becomes an urgent necessity. that comes their way. The Maid of Light will be able to serve knowledge to others and his/herself to help complete the challenges of Sburb. If she has success in mind, then she would be a valuable player, however, if her morals are skewed problems might arise (see Vriska). The Rogue would steal their enemies’ logic and give it to their team, making their teammates stronger and their enemies weaker. Allow me to fill this one. Her power would most likely be able to create fortune through something that looks like it has no fortune in it. She would probably also be great at solving the riddles and puzzles scattered throughout the lands, since she’s capable of taking information and making it make sense. A unifier, to pacify those to go rogue, as well as someone to keep all those people sensible. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we What they’ll need is time for them to truly blossom and figure things out. However, as long as they manipulate foes and not friends, they should be fine.

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