It’s probably at my house. One sip and you might start to make this Elderflower Lemon Drop Martini your new go-to cocktail for happy hour! Before we get started, I want to tell you about the fascinating story behind Elderflower Liqueur. This gives it time to cool down while thickening up slightly. Furthermore, make sure that you give this proper cooling time after cooking. Alle Zutaten zugeben. Find, Shake well and strain the liquid into a martini glass with a sugared rim. Then shake, shake, shake! This has a lemon infused simple syrup and candied lemon peels for garnish. You want this lemon simple syrup to thicken up to a consistency like maple syrup, so slightly thicker than water. If you're feeling particularly fancy, go ahead and add the lemon twist for even more flair. The Lemon Elderflower Martini that I created is one of the best drinks I have ever had in my life! Follow these easy steps for the best happy hour drinks! For more info, please see the site Disclaimer. Recipe in Taste! We're the creative juices behind Garnish with Lemon. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Make sure to check out the YouTube video that goes with this post. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), This is now a fall food feed, so get ready! Looking for the party? Citrus Vodka- it's a game changer in this drink, makes it sooo smooth! The ingredient list for this cocktail is short and sweet: Cocktails are only going to be as good as the individual ingredients. A splash of elderflower liqueur gives a smooth, refreshing twist to an old favorite. In einem Cocktailglas umrühren und dann abseihen. Bea & Tilly go back to school part, It’s September, which means this is now a holida, Love TV baking segments with my girl @danadeanksdk, Frosty Blueberry violet pavlovas with fresh mint c, Some pastry to brighten your day. Lemon Elderflower Martini is based on the Lemon Elderflower Cake for Meghan & Harry's wedding! Then let this cook for about 10 minutes. Run a lemon wedge around the edge of the martini glasses and invert glasses in the superfine sugar to coat the rims. Strain shaker contents into prepared glass. But the Elderflower Liqueur is a craze mainly due to its mild, yet gorgeous flavor. Hi, I’m Lisa! Be sure to shake it well over lots of ice! XO, Sarita, Filed Under: Drinks Tagged With: best martini recipe, lemon elderflower cake, lemon elderflower martini, lemon simple syrup, meghan markle and prince harry wedding cake, prince harry meghan markle, royal wedding, royal wedding party, signature drinks, spring cocktails, wedding drinks, Sarita is a charismatic TV Personality & food writer known for her joyful outlook and unique recipes! If a post is sponsored, there will be a note of that. Since this is the ritziest drink I’ve ever made, we are taking it up a notch by infusing this simple syrup with lemon rinds that will serve as candied lemon peel garnishes later. Shake your drink up! Before you pour your drink, take a candied lemon peel and rub it around the rim before clamping it onto the side as a garnish. Your email address will not be published. Pâté sucrée w, Another shot of These Fudgy PB swirl brownies that, Put on your loose pants and get ready for a browni, Oatmeal graham s’mores cream pies for #nationals, You can find me face first in this Whipped orange, It’s really hot. Belvedere citrus vodka, hendricks gin, thatcher’s elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice served up with a sugar rim Midnight Rio. Proof positive that you can improve a classic! The little touches like this sugared rim are what make fun cocktails even more special. Make sure to tag me in all of your Lemon Elderflower Martini pics! Furthermore, these elderflowers are handpicked then transported down the mountain by bicycles! It's a game changer and guarantees you a smooth sipper every single time. AnElderflower Lemon Drop! In a saucepan, combine water and sugar. This Lemon Elderflower Martini has a lemon infused simple syrup and candied lemon peels for garnish. Shaking a cocktail with citrus breaks down the juice and the result is a cocktail that is light and refreshing instead of acidic. I only recommend and give you options for items and brands that I love and use myself! So get bak, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins,, meghan markle and prince harry wedding cake. The delicate Elderflower Liqueur balances out the crisp Lemon. Trust us, it makes a HUGE difference in how your cocktail tastes and no one wants to dump all of that good alcohol down the drain because the proportions are off. 2. Just be sure to measure your ingredients instead of eyeballing it. This will give you a sticky, sweet, sip for an even more elevated experience. Strain into glasses and serve immediately. Read More. Fill a shaker with ice and add Vodka, Elderflower Liqueur Triple Sec, simple syrup and lemon juice. You can find notes of lychee, grapefruit, pear, and even a bouquet of spring flowers. Garnish it with a lemon twist and serve immediately. I like to mix them in a mason jar without ice, shake and refrigerate until ready to serve. Turn the glass over and set aside until ready to use.It only takes 30 seconds it takes to rim the glass with a lemon wedge and dip it in the sugar, but it is the difference between a good cocktail and a great one. Then cut the peel into thin strips. In the past 8 years, millions of people have sipped & snacked on our recipes. This sassy guy, You need this Cocoa kissed hazelnut dacquoise with, Bittersweet Midnight crinkle cookies are the sexie, Our family hand delivered us this stunning cake fr, I’m freeee!!! This post may contain affiliate links. The fun part is almost coming, the sampling! Pour superfine sugar on to a small plate.2. Just click the little pin button at the top of the recipe card. Elderflower Martini. When this begins to simmer, add in all of your lemon peels. Then, remove lemon peels for garnish. So much so that I wanted to recreate the flavors and essence of this magical cake into a signature drink. Triple Sec-orange liqueur that is used in cocktails, other varieties are Grand Marnier and Cointreau, Superfine Sugar- It's a fine sugar that sweetens without the grainy residue that regular sugar can leave behind. Shake well. Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We took our rock-solid and super popular Lemon Drop Martini recipe and updated it with the addition of elderflower liqueur. Pro Tip: These drinks are BEST served ICE cold! Low boil for 10 minutes. It’s sophisticated, elegant, beautiful, and enchanting. Haha! Invert the rim into the superfine sugar until evenly coated.4. It's sophisticated, elegant, beautiful, and enchanting. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where I make cooking and drinking so much fun!! Set aside. All of a sudden Elderflower is popping up everywhere! Watch me on Show Me St. Louis 10/30 at 10:30 am CST! When the lemon simple syrup is cooled down and thickened, it will have infused the simple syrup with a gentle lemon essence while giving a light color to it as well. It's a fun martini for happy hour that looks fancy, but is SO easy to make! To begin making your Lemon Elderflower Martini, add ice to a martini shaker. Required fields are marked *. Drinks that have citrus juice in them need to be shaken, not stirred and here’s why:1. It's sophisticated, elegant, beautiful, and enchanting. Then, add in lemon rinds. Let come to a simmer. I earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase any of the items through the links I provide on this page. And check out this Meghan Markle Inspired Negroni: Negroni. Elderflower liqueur was created only about 10 years ago, in 2007. Wedding season is upon us! Elderflower is the hottest new flavor of Spring! The thought of these starry, tiny, white flowers may take you to visions of a serene English Countryside. Nothing brings me more joy than sharing good food with friends and family. So, Ritzy Chefs, it's time to get fancy! Love a classic Lemon Drop Martini? It will cool faster in fridge. It’s easy to make great drinks at home! These posts use affiliate links at no cost to you. Remove all of the lemon rinds and set aside. In reality though, the Elderflowers used for Elderflower Liqueur, only bloom for 4-6 weeks in Spring and Summer in the French Alps. What a story behind this delicate and one of a kind liqueur! You'll look like a master bartender when you shake up an Elderflower Lemon Drop Martini for happy hour at home! The first step to this Lemon Elderflower Martini is to make your own simple syrup. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Create the perfect Elderflower Martini with this step-by-step guide. Lemon Elderflower Martini that is inspired my Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding cake and the version I created too!

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