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For gas year 2020, the cap has been further lowered to 8.1 Bcm. Output at …

Your registration is complete and your account is active. Americans Are Willing to Pay More for Products Made in the USA. Total output remains on track to meet Groningen's ever-decreasing production quota. This post appeared first on Kallanish Energy News. In gas year 2018, the field produced 17.51 Bcm. Production will need to fall below 1 Bcm/month in the summer to hit the current quota, with cumulative gas production in the current gas year of 2019 totalling 2.79 Bcm by the end of December, NAM data showed. If you are a premium subscriber, we are unable to send you a link to reset password for security reasons.

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To continue reading you must login or register with us. If you have any questions or concerns please contact or click here, Please Note: Platts Market Center subscribers can only reset passwords via the Platts Market Center. … London — NAM began the first phase of the permanent closure of the Groningen field by decommissioning the surface facilities in Ten Post, a small village in north-east Groningen, and one of 20 production sites to be decommissioned. If you are a Platts Market Center subscriber, to reset your password go to the Platts Market Center to reset your password. Natural gas output at Europe's largest onshore gas field, the Netherlands' Groningen, continued to fall sharply in December following the Dutch government's tightening of the production quota, with volumes down 43% year on year. Within this area large volumes of gas have been discovered, mainly reservoired in the Rotliegend sandstone, with producing fields in England, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Poland. Discovered in 1959, it is the largest natural gas field in Europe and the tenth-largest in the world. 39.4 bcm per year). The Netherlands will halt production at Groningen, Europe's largest onshore natural gas field, by 2022, eight years earlier than initially planned, the Dutch government said on Tuesday. [1], The main source rock for the gas at Groningen are coals and carbonaceous shales within the Westphalian coal measures sequence that lies unconformably beneath the Rotliegend. [1], The main reservoir in the Groningen field is the Cisuralian (Lower Permian), Rotliegend Slochteren sandstone. All rights reserved. Please contact the Client Services team. [6], The State Supervision of Mines has brought forward that the production level should be cut back to 30 bcm to avoid the more severe quakes. According to the latest data published by NAM, the joint venture operating the onshore gas field, production volumes declined 50.6% to 8.65 billion cubic meters (Bcm). This is the first time that the NAM has so explicitly advised a reduction in gas production, the Financieele Dagblad said on Thursday. When the Groningen Gas field was discovered in The Netherlands in 1959, the reservoir contained 2,874 Billion cubic meters of gas, the …

[1], Coordinates: 53°18′N 6°48′E / 53.3°N 6.8°E / 53.3; 6.8, Geological structure of Groningen gas field (in Russian), "Groningen field to produce gas for another 50 years", "Dutch to cut output from huge Groningen gas field", "Minister visits earthquake-damaged homes in Groningen", "UPDATE 2-Dutch government cuts Groningen gas field production", "Dutch agency calls for further cut in Groningen gas after Oct. 1", "Dutch government confirms cut in Groningen gas output", "Dutch to stop drilling for gas under Groningen by 2030", "#Ministerraad heeft besloten stapsgewijs over te gaan tot volledige beëindiging van gaswinning Groningen. Subscriber Notes inform you of upcoming changes related to the markets that we report on, as well as requests for comment on new assessments, and announcements that assessments will be discontinued. Despite the healthy level of European natural gas supplies, low Groningen production output has resulted in a quick ramp up in storage withdrawals from Dutch storage facilities, which are sharply lower than the European average of 82% and its neighbour Germany's 94% full stocks, GIE data showed. [3], The Groningen gas field is operated by the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM), a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil with each company owning a 50% share. Access latest metal news and analysis, conferences and events. According to the latest data published by NAM, the joint venture operating the onshore gas field, production volumes declined 50.6% to 8.65 billion cubic meters (Bcm). It’s free and easy to do. Total Dutch H-cal to L-cal conversion in December was 2.431 Bcm, up 10% year on year from 2.201 Bcm, data from the Dutch grid operator Gasunie showed. Output at Groningen has been gradually reduced before being phased out in mid-2022. The Rotliegend reservoir at Groningen is mainly an aeolian sand with local development of fluvial wadi sands. Access latest oil news and analysis, conferences and events. Earlier this year, NAM voiced its desire to not keep Groningen as an energy “backup” tool for the Netherlands. Natural gas production at the two remaining active fields totaled 1.06 Bcm in December, down 43% year on year and 3% on the month, data from operator NAM showed. [4], After protests in Groningen because of the increase in induced earthquakes, whose event count shows an exponential growth in time, [5] the Dutch government decided on 17 January 2014 to cut output from the gas field and pay those affected by the earthquake a compensation worth 1.2 billion Euro, spread over a period of 5 years.

...", "Carboniferous-Rotliegend Total Petroleum System Description and Assessment Results Summary",, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2009, All articles containing potentially dated statements, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 May 2020, at 20:55. © 2020 Shale Directory, LLC. NAM claims there are alternatives available for the energy industry, while further investigations could reveal other ways to continue meeting the Dutch and European gas demand. Natural gas production at the Netherlands’ Groningen field has halved in the past gas year, which ran from October 2019 until September 2020, Kallanish Energy reports. Access latest shipping news and analysis, conferences and events. [1] These sources are dominated by type III kerogen.


As such, the company has been a mainstay of Holland’s energy production for many years, and been a significant figure of success for the country, … Access latest coal news and analysis, conferences and events. Yet, NAM produced much less than the 11.8 Bcm production cap set by the government for the year. Natural gas production at the Netherlands’ Groningen field has halved in the past gas year, which ran from October 2019 until September 2020, Kallanish Energy reports. [1], Porosities lie generally in the range 15–20% with permeabilities in the range 0.1–3000 mD. [Yes] I would like to receive S&P Global Platts promotional emails. The Groningen gas field is a giant natural gas field located near Slochteren in Groningen province in the northeastern part of the Netherlands. [9] On 23 September 2016 Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte confirmed that gas extraction from the northern Groningen gas field will be held at 24 bcm per year for the coming five years. The rapidly declining output at the field has eaten away at Dutch gas stocks, which have now fallen below Gas Year 2018 levels and are well below the European average. A production cap has been put in place to prevent earthquakes linked to gas extraction at Groningen and the Dutch government plans to phase out gas extraction at the field completely by mid-2022. Diesel prices across the US soared last week, reaching multiyear highs in nearly every region. The early closure of the field was imposed by the government as a measure to end local earthquakes, caused by hydrocarbon extraction. In gas year 2018, the field produced 17.51 Bcm. [11][12], In September 2019, the Dutch government announced a further acceleration of the decommissioning of the field, stopping all regular production in 2022[13], The Groningen field lies within the Southern Permian Basin, which extends from the eastern coast of England to Poland.

As far as NAM is concerned, this could be done in 2022. [7][8] In June 2016, the Netherlands' National Mines Inspectorate advised the Dutch Government to reduce production even further to 24 bcm per year. NAM Releases USMCA State Data Sheets. New and Discontinued Price Symbol Alerts are issued when we launch new assessments and announce discontinued assessments. As of January 2015, no houses have been reinforced, nothing has been done about many seriously damaged buildings, and the risk of severe quakes, possibly resulting in collapsed buildings, injuries and death, is still too high. [1] It has an overall horst geometry, lying between the Ems Graben to the east and the Lauwerszee Trough to the west. [1][2] As of 2009[update] the Groningen gas field has produced around 1,700 billion cubic meters (60.7 trillion cubic feet) which represents 60% of the total reserves of the field but the remaining 1,100 billion cubic meters (39.3 trillion cubic feet) are expected to last for another 50 years. The joint venture of ExxonMobil and Shell said in July there is no role for the field post 2022, despite the government’s call for it to be available post closure deadline, in case of harsh winters and higher gas demand.

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