First I want to thank you for the time you spent on working on these sliders !!! (Shot timing is here this year don't forget! Thank you! Yooo this is what I was waiting for. Thanks Shady for your slider but i have a little question: Why Inside Shot Success – 0/0 and Close Shot Success – 25/25 ? if you know whats going on you can go ahead and scroll straight to the sliders.

For some reason you can now edit your game speed again. The king is back! So far this year I already have 127 hours played!

As you can see these sliders are little outdated (Shady move to other city as I remember). That worked for me, I did that, it only appears on the main main menu and messing with it doesn't affect the mycareer speed.

Thanks for all you do each year man!

Thanks man hof cpu is so predictable and boring i hope your sliders give me a more dinamic gameplay. Why is it better to slow down to 45? Let us know in modmail. You managed to get the game playing a lot like it did on day 1 again. It isn't appearing in settings like it use to, anyone know what I can do?

It literally will not show up in my mycareer settings anymore and I'm stuck with it at 100. i download your mod online.. should i still switch to HOF ? Thanks Shady, nice job again, would u pls. Questions? These Sliders are great for todays game. Suggestions? I saw that the D intensity and the boxout settings have a big influence at how the game is playing. These settings for me helped reduce a lot of the dropped frame-rates which is an issue in NBA 2K20. The only thing that seems odd is that shot contests register as strong even if the defender is nowhere near my shooter or even behind him, perhaps because of the jump shot defense sliders.

explain a little bit more on the game speed? Been playing myteam but now I can start some proper simulation basketball. by ShadyMikeGaming on Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:30 pm, by bluejaybrandon on Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:33 am, by bluejaybrandon on Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:55 am, by ShadyMikeGaming on Wed Sep 18, 2019 2:24 am, by orangejoshh on Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:25 am, by I Hate Mondays on Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:57 pm, by Uncle Drew on Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:09 am, by lnb525713 on Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:35 pm, by johnwest1985 on Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:22 am, by wolf_wroc on Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:35 pm, by ShadyMikeGaming on Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:46 pm, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest. * Best freaking camera angle in the game: Broadcast Generic: Zoom 1 Height 4 Key Zoom - Off Press J to jump to the feed. I really like these sliders so far! I've played with sets where those sliders are much higher and players blow layups and close shots so Shady is doing something right. I dont really understand how the sliders work online vs offline. OFFENSE: My Shooting Sliders Added | STILL SUBJECTIVE . Great job Shady, I’ve been looking forward to this for long haha. what would be your sliders for the 1980s?

I'll try these out.

Welcome back! Without further ado. Try to go to myplayer appearence press accept changes and return then go to settings and it should pop up.

I’ve noticed 2k can get a little cheesy with the green releases this year especially. You are absolutely right with the CPU tendencies, they seem obsessed with spamming the paint and its absolutely ridiculous how they make them. Sorry for the delay as wolf said I was in the process of moving from NJ to ATL! ), Shady's NBA 2K20 Simulation Sliders **Best Ever*** 4/24, Re: Shady's NBA 2K20 Simulation Sliders **Beta***, Re: Shady's NBA 2K20 Simulation Sliders **FINAL*** 11/28. USER/CPU. Must be a glitch, hope this helps. I'm missing shots that the CPU generally makes. Game speed was based on launch game speed Sliders will be updated Thanksgiving day completely revamped so stay tuned! 2k has complete control over their game. I didn't get the opportunity to test them yet but I have a question for you about the controler settings.

I'm not sure what his reasoning is for those values, but the set plays great. SETTINGS: Quarter Length: 8-12 Minutes Fatigue: On Injuries: On Game Speed: 51* I try to keep USER and CPU sliders the same. I've spent the days using the sliders but I honestly enjoy them more using shot timing instead of real player %. Even if stacked with boosts, floor general, dimer, and a few shooting badges, that can all increase their chances of making a white, but never be able to green. Also really glad to see real player percentage as a staple of your sliders. So, it's hard to get a shooting game going.

We are the biggest community for anything and everything related to the NBA 2K series. They don't have do give a green window to low 3pt ratings at all. Game Difficulty - Hall Of Fame (Custom) * MAKE SURE TO start on HOF then begin to make changes. My man, been waiting for your sliders! Maybe I don't have my releases down pat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Simmons hitting 3 and what not. Post not showing up? I guess it makes farming vc faster lol. See our 2K21 Wiki for FAQs, Locker Codes & more. Can’t wait to try these out in game! Tried your sliders, while very good, they allow the CPU to shoot a high percentage, and make a lot of shots.

Hey Shady !!!

Just a observation, thanks for the effort. Inside Shot success SUBJECTIVE (51/0) Close shot success SUBJECTIVE (52/15) Mid … This is a joke lol, Well I submitted a bug report on operationsports idk how to fix it. Hey guys it's Shady, so glad to be back this year with sliders....even though 2K always comes out during a tough time of work and school I love putting in that initial grind to see whats up with this years edition of 2K basketball. Idk if you are still having this problem but while you are in your mycourt go to my player appearance then just accept changes and return. I hope I can get it fixed while being able to keep my pro, Yeah I have the same problem, I changed my speed to 60 and now I cant change it back, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Quarter Length - 12 Minutes Game Speed - 60 *This is HUGE this year to make certain animations play out properly! Keep up the great work. I would suggest increasing speed to 49/50 after recent updates.

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