I had the Occam on some of the gnarliest trails at two of Wales’ finest bike parks and only wished for a burlier bike on the chunkiest and most flat out trails. I’m not going to lie. Orbea Occam: First Ride Review. It’s a small point, but one worth mentioning. Fortunately, access to the shock’s controls is unhindered. The spar was placed on the driveside, and the offset of the bottle is said to compensate for weight on the driveside. This is to ensure frame stiffness was where Orbea wanted it to be. By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions. I’d prefer the 150mm Fox 36 though. The Occam might be the most well rounded bike I’ve ridden that doesn’t feel boring. Shifter: Shimano XT M8100 I-Spec EV 12spd Orbea Occam H10 frame The carbon frame that the M10 is built around has up to date geometry with a roomy reach (474mm, Large) and a steep seat angle (77 degrees) to put you in a … Already have an account with us? The wheels are a set of DT Swiss XM 1650, which are custom made for Orbea — effectively the rim from the XM 1501 wheelset with a slightly cheaper hub. Future developments included the use of its own 3D printers and testing facilities to help get the new bike dialled as quickly as possible. Cassette: Shimano XT M8100 10-51t 12-Speed If you want to jump off everything in sight, the Occam will make it happen. Is there room, or are there plans, for another model between the Occam and the Oiz? This follows what Orbea felt was the general trend in mountain biking over the past couple of years. It rolls fast, likely due to the scary, slick pieces of rubber around the wheels that some folks might call tires (If you couldn’t tell, I didn’t really care for the tires.) The rear suspension is supportive and capable, with a good range of tune-ability, but it is definitely more sports car than Cadillac in its behavior. Capable on a huge variety of terrain, well put together and well spec'd, the M10 is a true machine for all mountains. The Orbea Occam is an efficient and spritely trail bike for all-day epics. It sits nice and high keeping the bike moving fast. As a result, the pricetag on this bike is a hefty $8,000, which, in this instance, is a very good value. While the Occam page wasn’t live while we wrote this, we did some quick maths with the Rallon’s MyO builder and reckon on colours alone there are just over 31 million options. Already have an account with us? A 140-millimeter-rear-travel big-wheel bike that scoots uphill with a lot more ease than most bikes in this arena, it makes absolute mincemeat of longer-travel bikes when fighting up the climbs. Or is the Occam capable enough in Orbea’s eyes to fill that gap just the way it is? Yes, house - bikes belong inside with the humans and pets, not in the cold, lonely garage with the spiders. Ultimate Nerd Quiz: Can You Guess these 2020 Bikes From Their Silhouettes? Orbea Occam H10. This gives fairly easy access to the bearings, should they need replacing. If you’re looking for a trail bike that can pull an extra shift as an enduro bike, the Hightower is the way to go. The previous generation Occam had two versions: a 650b Occam AM with 150mm of travel and the Occam TR, a 130mm 29er. For all the detailed information, check out our first look article. Handlebar: Race Face Next R, 20 x 780 mm, 35mm It gets longer and slacker without going overboard. Orbea is also offering a lifetime warranty on the frame, with no riding quibbles. There’s a knack to removing the hanger, but once you’ve worked it out (by gently pushing the chainstay out, and the seatstay in), it’s an easy process. In return, the Occam offers far livelier manners across the board, superb pedaling and climbing behavior, and is still meaty enough to get rowdy almost everywhere that the bigger bikes like to play. In fact out of all the new bikes I’ve ridden and tested this year there’s only three that climb better - Ibis Ripley, Ibis Ripmo and Orbea Oiz. You've been subscribed to our newsletter. The Occam suspension is pretty progressive to keep riders a bit higher in the travel since 140mm can run out quickly in the terrain we anticipate people will be riding. The Orbea Occam is one hell of a bike. COMPONENT REVIEWS The H10 is the top-level alloy Occam for 2020. XTR is investment-level componentry, and the Occam M-LTD sports the shifters, derailleur, cassette, chain and brakes from Shimano’s highest-end parts. Not a big gripe as I’m sure I’m in the minority, but certainly something to consider if you like long droppers. Period. Braking generates a fair amount of firming of the rear, keeping a consistent body position but occasionally leading to a bit of feedback when breaking through the rough. When you do that, it really comes alive. FEATURES These two bikes have very similar amounts of travel, geometry and fill the same niche. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5. Join the Pack and get the latest news and read the latest reviews on the top mountain and electric mountain bikes. Has Bird just created the best value enduro bike for under £2,000. The use of a 44mm offset fork may be to blame here to an extent, with a longer offset possibly helping to neutralize this characteristic, but it really is a minor one in the grand scheme. That’s not the end of the review. The two sides are joined like a splined crank. I’m not always the biggest fan of the do-it-all bike. If there was a bonus side-hit of any kind, I found myself doing it more on the Occam than any of the three other bikes. It still has an exciting ride quality that keeps you coming back for more. There is plenty of mid stroke support to push off of to get the rear wheel off the ground. The Occam goes modern without going extreme. At 6’2” I felt very comfortable on the XL frame. The addition of the 150mm Fox 36 fork was a very welcome one, boosting the capabilties and control of the bike by a sufficient amount to justify the increased weight on the front end. I was breaking out my checkbook by the end of it all (A checkbook, for our younger readers, is an antiquated way of paying for things that required you to write numbers with an actual pen on a real sheet of paper in order to give someone money.) You can still run a chainguide, but not a taco-type chainring protector. Remember the more enduro-focused Rallon that we. Your information has been successfully processed! The suspension utilizes the best of the Fox line—a DPX2 Factory rear shock and 150-millimeter 36 Float Factory Grip2 fork. Geometry on the Orbea Occam is quite average for a bike in 2020 – which is no bad thing – with the size Large tested sporting a 474mm reach and 627mm stack. Headset: Acros Alloy 1-1/8 – 1-1/2″ Integrated The somewhat shorter wheelbase helps here too. While the Optic is a very different kind of trail rig, the two were easily the most entertaining of the bunch. The bike loves getting in the air. The steering felt weird, the weight weenie tires bugged me and I didn’t think I was going to enjoy my ride. The sensation I get from a “noodly” fork is the front wheel deflecting off obstacles rather than absorbing them. You can get an entry level build Occam starting at $2,600. The Orbea Occam is one hell of a bike. Finishing off the frame package is a rubberised chainstay protector, with waves along its length to reduce chain noise. It’s not a sofa-like smooth ride, and fortunately not a wallowy one either. Saddle: Fizik Taiga Kium rail Riding since the age of 13, Technical Editor Tom has ridden hundreds of bikes over the past few years, from aero race bikes to EWS-ready enduro rigs, with a fair few others in between. Orbea offers the Occam at a wide range of price points, from the entry level Alloy-framed H30 model at $2,599, to the $7,999 bling-spec’d carbon M-LTD build. This top-end model comes with the carbon frame, Fox Factory 150mm 36 fork and DPX2 shock, a Shimano XTR groupset with RaceFace Next R chainset and XTR brakes. Orbea offers optional upgrades to select components that allow the customer to obtain their desired spec. Certainly a high-performance, purposeful kit, that combines to create a lightweight package that should still stand up to some abuse. Unfortunately, my checkbook read “Insufficient Funds” or there’s be a shiny new Occam in my house today. I’m trying to wrap my head around what made me struggle with the Occam for the first few minutes. This was joined by a Fox Factory DPX2 shock. Orbea’s latest generation Occam ditches the multi-platform TR or AM option and gives you a dedicated 140mm travel, 29-inch wheel trail-focussed bike that still has plenty of customisation possibilities along the way. Here’s where things get pretty cool. The build of this model is nigh-on identical to the M30-Eagle, but you get a Shimano XT/SLX drivetrain instead. The 1,224-millimeter wheelbase and 65.5-degree head angle on our size large test bike, combined with a stout frame and suspension that tended toward firm instead of buttery, delivered a ride that was balanced, planted and fun—not quite as plush as the similar travel Santa Cruz Hightower but snappier, and far more playful than the longer-travel barges that are defining the 150-millimeter-and-up end of the 29er market. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Leave a comment and vote up the most thoughtful comments and each month we’ll pick a winner. Second, The Occam is pretty light for a 140mm travel bike. The faster tires, snappier suspension and more upright feel make the Occam more like a trail bike. The suspension is now much more progressive through its stroke to give the supple early, supportive mid and ‘safe’ end of stroke that’s so often asked for in a trail bike. The M-LTD features the carbon frame, a full Shimano XTR groupset and carbon DT Swiss wheels and leaves very little to be desired for those with a large chunk of cash burning a hole in their pocket. The reach and seated position felt great - not too cramped and not too stretched out. The Occam feels fast, sporty and light while the Hightower has a much more planted, serious ride quality. There’s a touch of feedback through the pedals on bigger hits, but this is counteracted by a peppy feel through the pedals. It’s one of the most climb-happy, pedal-friendly bikes we’ve slung a leg over in this segment of the market. On top of this, you can also have your name (or any other phrase) put on the seatstays. This operated an Orbea branded dropper post. In essence, there’s a new asymmetrically designed frame which offers 140mm of travel via Orbea’s Concentric Boost four-bar design. The rocker link itself has received a fair amount of engineering. On longer drags I did flick the compression switch on the DPX2 shock, but on more technical trails I was happy to leave it fully open to eke as much grip as possible out of the Rekon rear tyre. It’s also possible to change things such as stem length and bar width, alter the tyre choice, brakes and shock too. They tend to feel a little boring. Furthermore, if you purchase from Orbea you’ll be able to make use of the MyO program, which lets you pick the various different colours of the frame and logos, as well as have a few words of your choice (name, team etc) printed on to the seatstays.

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