Read on for some information on common orchid diseases and treatment. For example, the new leaves may grow larger than older leaves. endobj If you have any more questions about how to save a dying orchid or if you want to share your own experiences with orchid problems, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Just the plant going through its life cycle and rejuvenating itself. For instance, depending on the type of orchid you have, some dark spotting is completely normal. Finally, you may notice that there’s a noticeable size difference between new and older leaves. However, other spots can be a sign of sunburn, fungal/bacterial infection, or a pest infestation. This can be a bit alarming to see, but it’s completely natural. <> In Vanda, the spots become translucent while in Dendrobium, the patches become black and sunken. Then use a fungicide to drench the roots and clean the growing area with a 10% bleach solution. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. These critters like to hide in tight places, such as the crown and joints of leaves.

Leaves develop water-soaked areas often with yellow halos. Fortunately, if preventative measures are taken, new leaves should usually grow just fine.

You should try increasing the amount of water you give your orchid for a few days and if it’s still not hydrating, you’re likely dealing with a root problem.

In our home office or living rooms, the humidity is lower, around 40% if you provide a humidifier. *S�|��Ё�.mbl���&�ӧ䥽K� ��%�0��M� . Most plants need less water and no fertilizer during the cold months.

Petal blight and southern blight, or collar rot, are most prevalent when weather is warm and humidity is high. There is also a bacterial rot which can diminish orchid health. You may get a small leaf after first purchasing an orchid or repotting it, since houseplants in general just don’t like being disturbed. As long as it’s only one or two leaves at a time, there’s no need to worry. Stem rot is often caused by a fungal infection reaching the stem from the leaves after water is left sitting between them. Thin webbing is also a dead giveaway. L ��F� �h(ӁmE�C1Z ��3���V��gh_X5CE�$h�4��я�{�q�w�И�6�+R ��籡F�-E%�vzV�OJ�� Fluffy patches on the plant, typically new growth, may indicate a mealybug problem. First off, you may notice roots growing out of the pot and expanding outwards. They’re generally easy to spot, although they can have different colors such as green, grey and black. If you salvaged an orchid from the trash or had a previous issue with yours, it might have no roots at all. @2015 - PenciDesign. Learn how your comment data is processed. As more pictures are sent to us, they will be included under each suitable area to further assist in the diagnosis.

If the infection is allowed to spread to the stem, you may lose the entire plant, so be sure to act quickly. �QU�3�� ��kA��G�����]+0�}��\���mբ����N �j3F��p�T*ˈr��~j�KXEf�i�gh.`[4��[� � . The most common diseases of orchid plants are fungal. Scale insects prefer all parts of the plant and are detectable as bumps that don’t easily rub off when touched. If you want to keep your orchid from dying, keep an eye out for the following signs of pest infestations. However, you still may want to look for other signs of stress, too. Aphids tend to scuttle to wherever there’s fresh growth, such as leaves and buds, but aren’t picky and will go after older foliage as well.

<>>> Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Try digging around in the soil a bit or even de-potting the plant entirely to see if you can find black, mushy or smelly roots. Here’s a look at what you might find yourself battling in order to save your orchid. Leaf spots may occur from a variety of organisms. This is why greenhouse orchids, which have around 70-80% humidity, display around 8 gorgeous leaves, four on each side. Just be aware that treatment alone may not be enough. Pests can infect various parts of the plants, making a quick meal out of your favorite orchid.

My orchid is dying | Orchid problems & solutions, Seagrass and jute plant baskets (Set of 2). The fungal spores must swim through water and, once ready, will sprout mycelium and begin fruiting. Fungicide and sanitation are key to these orchid diseases and treatment. It’s not uncommon for plants to get infected in stores and nurseries! Pale spots on the top of leaves or brown spots on the underside can be a sign of spider mites grazing. Determining which disease your plant has is critical to treating orchid diseases. Use sterile tools to remove infected material.

Water thoroughly in the morning by letting tepid water run freely through the container and out the bottom. You’re very likely to experience this after bringing a new orchid home as it acclimates to the new environment. There are also species which thrive in arid conditions, but these are not widely grown. Too much sun can cause orchid leaves to turn yellow. Determining which disease your plant has is critical to treating orchid diseases. Once the damage is already done, the individual leaf often can’t be saved. These might be foliar blights, leaf spots, fungal rots, and flower blights. This will usually involve setting the plant in a sink. There is also a bacterial rot which can diminish orchid health. %PDF-1.5 Anthracnose - Colletotrichum and Glomerella View More Images Symptoms: This fungal disease infects the aerial portion of the plant. Black rot is a fungal disease that forms when there is standing water on the orchid. Nothing to worry about! If you provide adequate care, you should see the next leaf grow larger. endobj You may notice once a year or so that the bottom leaves of your orchid may turn yellow and fall off. Tip: Keep in mind that your orchid will need different care in summer versus during wintertime. No worries, it can grow new ones. Don’t worry because this is normal! Welcome to the On-Line Orchid Doctor ! Orchid Leaf and Flower Spotting Fungi. ʒ�NG"��s?�9��UӮ�մ��_^�m5]�����Z��^�qy��U����jS�+��L������Y��A*B���A!�Dę����. A Phalaenopsis orchid will have one leaf per 10% of humidity in the environment it lives in. They often are hidden under old leaves and pseudobulb sheaths. Mixing neem oil, alcohol or dish soap with water and spraying the orchid in question can be a good start. Unfortunately, you may have to try several different treatments to find what works best for your individual situation. Most common orchid diseases can be prevented or cured, especially if it’s caught early. Bacterial soft and brown rots are other frequent diseases of orchid plants. %���� Orchids come in many sizes, colors, and growth forms. Orchids magazine's popular Orchid Ailments series provided readers with information and images to help them identify orchid ailments and grow healthier plants. >�� ����f���,S�E� op�|��$���S�= )=��l��t �m�V[��А���s3�G��V�ݞ�912D��w�(Nkب%-1r����}�r_?`�4+����ȽC�������-��22���H�e��IFz\���A � Most common orchid diseases can be prevented or cured, especially if it’s caught early. It’s important to remember that orchids can flower from two weeks to three months, depending on the variety. Depending on exactly what you’re dealing with, there are various home and commercial options available. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Easter cactus care & info | Hatiora gaertneri, How to care for Christmas cactus | Schlumbergera, Euphorbia pulcherrima | Poinsettia plant care & info, Caring for Phalaenopsis orchids | Moth orchid, Chinese money plant care & info | Pilea peperomioides. There are many factors to keeping houseplants alive! Immediately after buying or repotting an orchid it’s unfortunately relatively common for blooms to drop. Click on the appropriate description to navigate your way through the diagnosis. This is normal and it’s not recommended to cut them, as they’re good backups for if the roots within the pot are struggling. Before assuming that your orchid is getting too much sun, find out what color your orchid … 1 0 obj If the roots are green, white, silver, or light yellow, these are signs of healthy roots, so there’s no need to worry.

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