The Safety Boards recommendation applies to all fuel-injected Lycoming 540 engines, and calls for inspections of the fuel injector lines and installation of support clamps. Access to it is through a door on the right side of the fuselage. On the Cherokee Six, each tank has its own filler cap, of the umbrella style thats proven effective in keeping water out.

It was initially fitted with a 260-horsepower engine designated as PA32-260 Cherokee Six that could accommodate six to seven persons on board. This website contains many older reviews. The PA-32 performed its maiden flight on December 6, 1963, and was produced from 1965 to 2007. Most Sixes and all Saratogas have a throttle quadrant instead of push-pull knobs. Weight and balanceThe PA-32s raison dtre is hauling loads, and it does it pretty well.

CG is no problem at all. The travel range is 730 nautical miles. The front strut was a constant problem until I bought a Granville strut kit from Sportys, which cured the problem once and for all. The Lance when fully loaded does not want to get off the ground in less than about 5,000 feet at our field elevation of 4,700 feet, where the density altitude is frequently between 7,000 and 9,000 feet. Also offered was a seventh seat, actually a filler between the two middle-row seats that could be folded down to make a wide armrest. With six seats and fixed gear, its only counterparts in the marketplace are the Cessna 206 and 207. However, its yet another maintenance problem (not that theres anything wrong with the system, its just something else to break).

The breakers are inconveniently located all the way to the right and on the lower edge of the panel. Theres a baggage compartment behind the last row of seats with a 100-pound weight limit, and another in the nose between the cabin and firewall, also with a 100-pound capacity. Virtually all of the older engines have been updated by this time. At 1,200 hours, after departing Pal-waukee Airport just outside the ORD TCA, the engine suddenly lost power, shuddered several times and quit. Turbo Saratogas can also be found with built-in oxygen, but few PA-32s are regularly flown at altitudes where it would be necessary. Find 1979 PIPER CHEROKEE 6/300 with serial number 7940152 on

As a fixed-gear single, the PA-32 offers simplicity, relatively low maintenance costs (especially when compared to a twin) and low fuel consumption (again compared to a twin).

Overall, it was a good, stable instrument airplane that could be loaded heavily and still have a reasonable range. As far as fatal accidents are concerned, the number-one killer was the IFR-related accident, including unintentional flight into IMC, spatial disorientation and improper IFR operations (i.e., busting minimums or intentionally flying into the clouds without clearance). I really liked the club seating arrangement that some had. Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at

Some even had air-conditioning also. On May 27, 1966, the PA-32-300 was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Piper Owner Society provides the best articles and advice for owners of Piper vintage aircraft. For more than five decades, active and dedicated aircraft owners and pilots have turned to AVIATION CONSUMER to answer their most important buying questions.
After you close in on a plane, have it thoroughly checked. Ive had my share of problems, but then, what can you expect from an old airplane? Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, My Sky: The Flights and Times of Bill Cox, Bill Cox Book, Chapter 1: Send in the Clouds. However, the temperature-related performance of the Six is always pretty much the same regardless of loading. The aircraft can fly up to 16,250 feet and can climb at a rate of 1,050 feet per minute. In 1965, the PA-32 started as a further derivative of the PA-28 Cherokee light aircraft. It pairs with my iPad/ForeFlight. This airplane was traded in on a 1977 Lance, which has the same Hershey-bar wing and horsepower.

The speed is adequate for me. Share with Friend Loan Calculator Print Listing Proudly presented by Jet Center MFR. Of course, something must be sacrificed-in this case speed-and the possible safety benefits of a second engine. It has a tail height of 2.4 meters and a fixed landing gear with a wheelbase of 2.39 meters. Just to be on the safe side, we went as far as having the fuel tanks/bladders removed and wing spars and roots checked for corrosion. I don’t intend to fly at or near the max gross (3,400 pounds) but it is good to know that you are well under the weight limits with four onboard, even with a full load of fuel. But the big difference is the cabin. The fuel selector was changed to a three-position left-right-off arrangement. Its sort of like driving a station wagon. The similarity between old and new airplanes also means that any given year of PA-32 will hold its value reasonably well. To Pipers credit, later manuals contain extensive information about loading the airplane properly, including examples of what to put where in a variety of scenarios. © Belvoir Media Group, LLC. We came across many planes with inoperative and dated equipment. The year 1980 also brought the option of turbocharging to the PA-32. I bought it with 900 hours on the 2,000-hour TBO engine. The year 1966 saw the introduction of the Cherokee Six 300, with an injected version of the Lycoming O-540 developing 300 HP. Other minor changes included a new panel and throttle quadrant in 1970, two extra windows in 1974, and a larger fin in 1975. The Cherokee Six, on the other hand, has trouble climbing above 13,000-14,000 feet. There are external quick drains for each tank, but not one for the fuel strainer: instead, theres a drain lever on the front face of the wing spar behind the copilots seat. Having seen many, we decided on 8600N since it was well maintained, mechanically sound, nicely equipped, and had low hours on the airframe and engine SMOH. Its huge: four feet wide, four feet high, and 13 feet long. There is ample leg room for all occupants. Reports on effectiveness vary, with one owner saying that a full Knots 2U speed kit added only two knots of speed to the airplane. The Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six was designed and built by Piper Aircraft as a family of single-engined fixed undercarriage, light aircraft introduced in 1965. The problem comes when its time to drain the sumps during preflight. All rights reserved. Cindy Hudnall … I have two tall boys in addition to my wife, and the Six allows me to do what was difficult in the Arrow I had been renting.

The cabin has a length of 3.02 meters, a height of 1.23 meters, and a width of 1.24 meters.

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