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In index.js, let's import ApolloClient from @apollo/client and provide our GraphQL server's URL as the uri property of the constructor's configuration object: That's it! Most of these improvements are backward compatible, so most applications will continue to work without any changes to caching logic. If you only use a particular part of Apollo Client’s functionality, you can import that functionality from its corresponding entry point. The following cache changes are not backward compatible. Declarative data fetching: Write a query and receive data without manually tracking loading states 2.

There is no caching, normalization or global state. However, we highly recommend learning more about the capabilities of the Apollo Client 3.0 cache. The core @apollo/client library provides built-in integration with React, and the larger Apollo community maintains integrations for other popular view layers. When your component renders and the useQuery hook runs, a result object is returned that contains loading, error, and data properties: Let's create an ExchangeRates component in index.js to see the useQuery hook in action: Congrats, you just made your first useQuery-based component! Note that this transform merely moves import specifiers between import declarations, without checking for proper usage of the imported values. } The @apollo/client package includes graphql-tag as a dependency and re-exports gql.

As part of migrating, remove all apollo-client dependencies.

:bulb: :bulb: To simplify the process of converting your import declarations from older packages to @apollo/client, we provide an automated transform based on jscodeshift. Use it to fetch, cache, and modify application data, all while automatically updating your UI. Hello! Take them into consideration before you upgrade to Apollo Client 3.0. client|cache.writeData have been fully removed. currency Connect your client to React. If you want to configure your own link chain, the ApolloClient constructor still accepts a link option. Although executing GraphQL operations like this can be useful, Apollo Client really shines when it's integrated with a view layer like React. As part of migrating to Apollo Client 3.0, follow the instructions below for each library your application currently uses. After this section, we recommend moving on to: query GetRates { npm i graphql.

To play around with the app we just built, check it out on CodeSandbox. Run this code, open your console, and inspect the result object. Now that you've learned how to fetch data with Apollo Client, you're ready to dive deeper into creating more complex queries and mutations. The graphql-anywhere package’s functionality is no longer included with Apollo Client. You can bind queries to your UI and update it automatically as new data is fetched. You connect Apollo Client to React with the ApolloProvider component. After you get started, check out the full Apollo Client docs, organized into the following sections on the left: This site's documentation focuses on React, but Apollo Client supports many other libraries and languages: integrations for other popular view layers. Create your React app. For example: As part of migrating, we recommend removing all apollo-link, apollo-link-http, and apollo-link-http-common dependencies. In the same index.js file, call client.query() with the query string shown below. With Apollo Client 3.0, the apollo-client package is retired in favor of @apollo/client. While Apollo Client 2 made it possible to intercept @client fields in Link's like apollo-link-state and apollo-link-schema, Apollo Client 3 enforces that @client fields are local only. 1. The @apollo/client library includes functionality that previously required installing additional packages. rate npx create-react-app art-graphql cd art-graphql. To illustrate the migration process, we've also made this video that uses the example app from our full-stack tutorial as a starting point, updating it from Apollo client 2.6 to 3.0: WARNING: Apollo Client 3.0 is a major-version release that includes breaking changes.

Apollo Client automatically caches this data when it comes back from the server, so you won't see a loading indicator if you run the same query again. We are going to use Yarn, create-react-app, CLI, Apollo Client 3 beta, Ant Design, and the Star Wars GraphQL API.Also, make sure you have Node.js installed. Install Apollo Client 3.0 with the following command: If you’re installing Apollo Client 3.0 in a project that already uses an earlier version, follow the instructions in each section of Updating imports that applies to a library you are currently using. When creating a new screen, you start with a QueryRenderer.. A QueryRenderer is a React Component which is the root of a Relay component tree. The production-ready GraphQL client for React. For example: These options are passed into a new HttpLink instance behind the scenes, which ApolloClient is then configured to use. Now, before we start using Apollo Client with React, let's first try sending a query with plain JavaScript. For example: For more details around why writeData has been removed, see PR #5923. query GetCartItems { Imports should be updated as follows: It is important to note that Apollo Client 3 no longer allows @client fields to be passed through a Link chain. We suggest putting the ApolloProvider somewhere high in your app, above any component that might need to access GraphQL data.

It wraps your React app and places the client on the context, which enables you to access it from anywhere in your component tree. If you are updating an existing application to use Apollo Client 3.0, please see the changelog for details about these changes. }, @apollo/react-hoc and @apollo/react-components, https://github.com/apollographql/apollo-link, Using individual components of Apollo Client 3, Using apollo-utilities without the rest of Apollo Client, Using apollo-cache and/or apollo-cache-inmemory without the rest of Apollo Client, The update also includes numerous bug fixes and optimizations, as described in the, All cache results are now frozen/immutable, as promised in the, The internal representation of normalized data in the cache has changed. The @apollo/client package includes graphql-tag as a dependency and re-exports gql.

A more detailed list of caveats can be found in the README.md. We recommend removing all apollo-boost dependencies and modifying your ApolloClient constructor as needed. React Apollo’s SSR utilities (like getDataFromTree, getMarkupFromTree, and renderToStringWithData) are included in the @apollo/client package. Apollo Client 3.0 includes built-in support for React hooks, but it absolutely still supports non-React view layers.

@client is the directive that tells Apollo Client to fetch the field data locally (either from the cache or using a local resolver), instead of sending it to our GraphQL server. graphql-tag. Apollo Client is a comprehensive state management library for JavaScript that enables you to manage both local and remote data with GraphQL.

Our client is ready to start fetching data.

Install GraphQL. But don't stop there! You can bind queries to your UI and update it automatically as new data is fetched. Now that we have all the dependencies we need, let's initialize an ApolloClient instance.

React Apollo HOC and component functionality is now included in the @apollo/client package: As part of migrating, we recommend removing all @apollo/react-hoc and @apollo/react-components dependencies. If you'd like to skip ahead and see the app we're about to build, you can view it on CodeSandbox. First, pass your GraphQL query (wrapped in the gql function) to the useQuery hook. Although executing GraphQL operations like this can be useful, Apollo Client really shines when it's integrated with a view layer like React.

All @apollo/react-hooks functionality is included in the @apollo/client package. These links now have their own nested @apollo/client entry points. If you’re using. You can continue to use the graphql-anywhere package, but Apollo no longer uses it and will not actively support it moving forward. react-apollo v3 is an umbrella package that re-exports the following packages: The react-apollo package has been deprecated, and the functionality offered by each of the above packages can now be accessed from @apollo/client directly: Apollo Client 3.0 provides multiple entry points for you to import from. Access them via @apollo/client/testing: As part of migrating, we recommend removing all @apollo/react-testing dependencies. To simplify your dependencies, we recommend importing gql from @apollo/client and removing all graphql-tag dependencies. You should see a data property with rates attached, along with some other properties like loading and networkStatus. To simplify your dependencies, we recommend importing gql from @apollo/client and removing all graphql-tag dependencies.

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