Brilliant. It’s been a frustrating few weeks with the Interceptor, but I’ve learnt some useful lessons. Not too powerful, too complex nor too expensive. This doesn't look or feel like a $5,700 motorcycle and that's a good thing. Good tyres which grip well both wet and dry. I consider it to be unnecessary complication and weight, on a bike that is not designed nor intended to wring every last HP out. The flyscreen is an accessory. Minutes after announcing the U.S. Interceptor and Continental GT pricing in a worldwide livestream, Copes sat down with the North American journalists and stated that in the next 3-5 years, Royal Enfield would be introducing 2-3 new middleweight platforms (engine and chassis pairings) that would result in a total of 12 new motorcycles from the company – all ranging in price from $4,000-$8,000. Well, this is embarrassing for Royal Enfield. It's something I'd wholeheartedly recommend to anyone getting into motorcycles, because it delivers on all the promises that motorcycles in movies and on TV make without being scary or stressful. I got the s&s pipes and when you take out the baffles it sounds INCREDIBLE. He started his career with SAGInfotech Pvt Ltd ( Jaipur). Rear: Spoked, 3.5 x 18 in. Will go. That last bit matters because it takes an engine configuration lacking aural personality and makes it sound better and feel rowdier, especially with the big, chrome two-into-two exhaust pipes that the INT is sporting. No set date has been announced for their availability in the UK but it’ll be very early 2019 and you can choose from 6 different tank colours: Mark Three (black), Glitter & Dust (chrome), Orange Crush, Ravishing Red (actually red and black), Silver Spectre and Baker Express (White and red). Royal Enfield is set to raise the prices of its 650 twins – Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 by 2 percent, after September 1, 2019. It is uncomfortable after about 40 mins- needs a softer or gel insert. Indicated RPM at 60 MPH: 3,900. 650 cc, parallel twin engines have been made since 2015. Started riding at about 7 on a Velo Solex provided by my grandmother. In all seriousness Royal Enfield doesn’t have the best rep for reliability but that’s something they want to change. Not unrideable, but after 30 yrs of riding I really like to get more than my tip toes on the ground. I bet this turns into my favorite bike. Hyundai Venue Review 2020: Is Its Turbo Petrol Engine Really Powerful? Buying experience: £5500 OTR new from dealer. Cant wait to test ride it. Most these days look like they were styled by a Star Wars fan. A three year warranty on a 6 grand bike!. Brian WILLIAMSON. Although clearly a modernized vision of the 700, the Interceptor 650 feels true to its inspiration. Photographer: Magnus Walker OK the 650 is not a tourer but it is a good bike which rides well. Final Drive: Chain, Electrical Check out Rider’s Guide to New/Updated Street Motorcycles for 2019, Base Price: $5,799 / $5,999Warranty: 3 yrs., unltd. While not the snap of a hyper-sports bike, it still provides the sure-footedness of a sporty standard. The vibrations never become objectionable even when he engine is about to tap its 7,500 rpm redline. Designed for a broad range of riders, the engine feels understressed and churns out user-friendly power and a broad spread of torque. We had to spend one day in Jaipur near by Nahargarh Fort to ride RE Interceptor 650, and then inland and winding mountain roads and Redwood woods. There is no lettering in the form of Rev counter climbing, display, or finishing. Our route ran the gamut from high-speed sweepers to tight-n-twisty first- and second-gear corners, so I was able to test the bikes in a good variety of conditions. It was launched alongside the Continental GT roadster, but the Interceptor is the most popular model by a significant margin. Regardless, the wobble occurs at times when the front suspension is uncompressing, so I think the symptom is related to the excessive fork rebound. It’s still the funnest bike I’ve ever owned. It’s packed with character, superb handling, grunt, speed with easy road manners. I love the torque at all RPM’s. I have ridden all over Europe and done long journeys. As per World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC), Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 offers a decent mileage of 25.5 kmpl. Since I am a fan of both middle-weights and parallel Twins, these were heady statements to receive. For reliability, Royal Enfield is offering three years or 40,000 km on both the interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, therefore, the products have ‘official’ beliefs. What this means is that the same motorcycle is both EPA and Euro-5 compliant, as well as legal in many other countries, which lessens the cost of manufacturing and distribution. Although the counterbalanced 411cc Single in the Himalayan should have prepared me for the first time I eased out the 650’s clutch and pulled into traffic, I was still shocked at how smooth the new engine was. But it doesn't. I just love it. It aint a sports bike but it is a proficient engine capable of good sensible speeds and overtakes. Add £200 on for one of the custom painted fuel tanks and a further £500 for the chrome version. But this is more than just the engine. Top speed is 105 laying on tank. What Royal Enfield did tell us is interestingly the price will include a 3-year warranty and free roadside assistance. Great looking bike that does what it sets out to do at a budget price. I see a big bore kit along with bigger displacement twins coming down the road. The rear brake uses a single 240-millimeter rotor and single caliper. The new parts have transformed the bike’s handling from adequate to sharp without sacrificing comfort. The indians have knocked out a good bike, the sales prove that. Adjustment is via screw and locknut for easy maintenance. Wheelbase: 55.1 in. Time will tell. Meanwhile, there will be an increase of Rs 5,312 on the base color schemes. This, too, has a slight cost. Although the Interceptor better suited my size and disposition, both were easy and satisfying to ride, with a burbling sound from the exhaust, linear throttle response, intuitive handling and an assist-and-slipper clutch and a 6-speed gearbox that were so effortless to use that I never gave them a second thought. Nothing exceptional but nothing bad eaither. Rear: Single 240mm disc w/ 1-piston pin-slide caliper & ABS I think it is just the bikes’ way of letting me know I was exceeding their happy place. The Caballero, starting at £6399 (although not in this Deluxe spec), is priced close enough to be a valid, if slightly niche, alternative that a B-road connoisseur will enjoy. The single front brake uses a Brembo caliper and clamps a 320-millimeter disc. The next one is likely to be around the same if not slightly more @ 3000 miles and then again at £600 miles.- so cost is based on first year, then should be about £320p.a. (Practical and look great) I have added Ultra Seal to the tyres, to help if I get a small puncture. Bore x Stroke: 78.0 x 67.8mm Attracted to retros for a taste of classic motorcycling? I've had no problems at all over 2000 miles on it. As a former owner of a Yamaha XS650F, I’m glad to see another middle-weight machine suitable for whole day or weekend rides. For information including how to stop them, click Privacy & Cookie Policy. And if you are reading this, you are interested in knowing how the bike is, and how the new 650 cc parallel-twin engine is. With upright seating and a relaxed style, the Interceptor takes its name from a model built for the American market in the 1960s, which was a lighter, higher-performance version of Royal Enfield’s vertical twin-powered Constellation. I changed the plugs and serviced it. You get what you pay for. There are myriad options out there to make the Interceptor your own. With the upper body inclined forward, the feet naturally move rearward, and to compensate for this, the pegs were relocated approximately 1.5 inches back. And while a price in USD might not be very helpful for the UK market, it does provide an approximate given the difference between the Interceptor and other current RE models and the fact that as a rule the UK price is almost identical. The transmission was superb. And that’s not all. Acceleration is decent if not overly brisk, and I never find myself in real need of more power, even when entering a freeway. To try and rectify that, Enfield decided to double its cylinder count on two new models: the Interceptor 650 (known as the INT650 here in the US) and the Continental GT (no relation to the Flying B, natch). It is not a pillion bike. I use it for commuting a mix of rural and urban roads and it is comfortable and smooth, but, if you do need to overtake, a quick twist and it’s whooshing and purring past whatever that was. I’ve seen a couple of reviews here in the uk by guys who, like me, are only 5’6″ they both said that they could get their feet flat on the ground on both bikes (the interceptor is slightly taller but the seat is narrower. But by no means do these bikes feel cheap. No torquee is not a word! During our time with the Interceptor on the MCN Fleet in 2020, we installed some S&S slip-on end cans, a high-flow air filter and an air filter restrictor removal kit. The Interceptor is fitted with Enfield’s brand new, air-cooled 650 parallel twin, also used in the Royal Enfield Continental GT. The flat, couch-like seat offers plenty of room for two and looks like it would have been at home during the era of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle – and that’s exactly what inspired Royal Enfield. As the motorcycle goes back to RE for a service as we speak with a conked tail-lamp and no other mechanical issues reported, this also speaks of the fuss free experience we have had with the motorcycle. Brakes, Front: Single 320mm disc w/ 2-piston pin-slide caliper & ABS This is a review after only two weeks and 500 miles so nothing whatsoever to report. Royal Enfield has gone from producing 50,000 motorcycles in 2010 to an anticipated 950,000 in 2018. ***UPDATED 8th November 2018: Price now confirmed***, Interceptor INT 650 - Standard / Orange Crush, Interceptor INT 650 - Custom / Ravishing Red, Interceptor INT 650 - Chrome / Includes an interview with Royal Enfield CEO, Siddhartha Lal. CEO Siddhartha Lal is a die-hard enthusiast; at the launch, he held his own when he joined our group for part of the GT test ride, entertaining us with the sound of the S&S pipes on his accessorized bike. He is an enthusiastic about the bikes and cars that are roaming around him. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Note the counterbalancer on the bottom left. Buying experience: Dealer was ok. After 400 miles I love this bike. Check it out at the dealer. But good for how much you pay. Being tubed you cannot easily do a roadside repair and I have inserted a Broquet system into the tank- I know some of you will say 'Snake Oil' but i can get 170 miles out of the tank without any trouble now. The engine is fuel injected (this is 2020, after all) and good for 44 horsepower, which doesn't sound like much because it isn't. And this could mean that the price of Interceptor 650 might also be lower, possibly ₹ anywhere around 3 million points. Brilliant. Between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm, 80% of the engines claimed 38.4 lb-ft of torque are available. I am about to test ride a T100 and INT650 back to back. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Great torque and no problems doing good motorwary speeds. Why, cause it’s so retro, I guess. Ride it all day and struggle to get 10 quids worth of fuel in the tank..really sips fuels after nailing super bikes. The wheels themselves are 18-inch spoked items with bespoke tubed Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp RS tires. It’s light, easy to ride, fun and handles incredibly well. The next thing I notice about the Interceptor is the sound. Review your ENFIELD INTERCEPTOR 650 (2018 - on), Smooth engine, easy handling, great looks.

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