Writer/director Cian Elyse White talks about the value of perseverance and where she finds inspiration to make shor…, Copyright © 2018 Show Me Shorts Film Festival | All rights reserved. And if I can envision opportunities and stories for the film within the media while I am watching it. We create tailor made campaigns from the ground up for the discerning filmmakers, which not only promote uniqueness but also resonate well with your audience. it was very helpful to have them in our corner. The digital division facilitates in new media, online publicity, digital ad-buys, and new media placement and the traditional counterpart works on all channels related to trade journals, newspapers, magazines, festival dailies, broadcast (radio/TV), and others. What happens now? NFS: How do you choose the clients you work with? A simple spreadsheet will do. My film was covered by the biggest newspapers, and I had received requests from different festivals and distributors even before my arrival to Cannes. GET YOUR SHORT FILM IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. Other essential publicity materials that should be ready before publicity begins include artwork/poster finalized, trailer finalized, approved stills from the film, approved clips for media use (although you will generally work with your publicist to determine the best clips), etc. I honestly recommend to invest and to use their human and professional services! Sarah Findlay: Ideally, you've thought about it before your film and have a unit publicist and photographer confirmed. Also, the timing of your release affects if this is realistic because it could be a very busy time within the media. Interviews can be conducted via email, phone, or in-person. Be selective about your choice of social media, and realistic about how much time you have to maintain these accounts. Do you have an amazing short film that needs to be seen? NFS: So, you have written an amazing press release and a few outlets are interested in covering your film. Build a website before you even start shooting. A good publicist can write a targeted media release for you about the release of your film and why it is exciting, and then send it out to reach all relevant media professionals. A professional publicist’s existing media relationships will ensure a higher chance of achieving successful story placements. Cloud 21 handled the promo in Cannes and all over the world, while my film was at the Short Film Corner. K2: Filmmakers always have the option of reaching out to press themselves.

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