endstream endobj 67 0 obj <> endobj 68 0 obj <> endobj 69 0 obj <>stream Seedlings of different leafy vegetables/herbs (basil, Ocimum basilicum; chard, Beta vulgaris; parsley, Brassica oleracea; red kale, Petroselinum crispum) and fruit crops (bell pepper, Capsicum annuum; cherry tomatoes, Solanum lycopersicum; cucumber, Cucumis sativus; squash, Cucurbita pepo) were grown in 2” jiffy pots during the month of May, 2012. So I got x= 21 mg GAE/L. Can anyone help in this regard? For the Folin- Ciocalteu, i used 0.1 samples (2g dried leaf extracted in 40ml methanol AR grade), 6ml dH. Tha means that I have to include also this dilution factor for my standard curve? However, there is a basic error in the presented approach. h��Xmo�8�+�تb�w'� In the present study, the attempt has been made to evaluate the difference, if any, in quality and quantity of produce between the crops grown in hydroponic/aeroponic systems and in soil. In order to reveal the mechanism of hydrolysis and metal complexation of kaempferol, the UV-vis spectra of kaempferol in hydrolysis process (pH from 2.01 to 13.00) and in Cu(II) complexation process (from 0.1 to 2710.9 μmol/L) was obtained, and the characteristic spectra at various reaction stages was obtained by differ-ential treatment. I am trying to calculate the phenol amount using gallic acid as standard and i try to express the amount of phenols as mg GAE (Gallic Acid Equivalents) / gram sample. =0.047 mg GAE/mg or 47 mg GAE/g or 4.7% GAE. i have got equation y=mx+c for quercetin in  microg/ml concentration . Reaction with Folin-Ciocalteu solution: - I add 0.5 ml of my clear extract in a 50 ml flask. Hope this little explanation is helpful. ^�v���{�{�O��e����&ٷ��~,�d��f��]=ඐ Hy\~��[�0�sp Bn�B�u(����R Lv 4. From the calibration curve, the mean absorbance was used to determine the total phenolic content of the filtered extract equivalent to gallic acid (R 2 =0.983). In general, values of radical scavenging activity were lower in fruit crops as compared to those of leafy vegetables. f˃H�~ɢ VYy&�� �Vc"��@d���p��H2L���A���4�����ր�30Ҝ�����{� �+f Seventy-two seedlings of each leafy vegetable and twenty-four seedlings of each fruit crop were planted on 24 Tower Garden aeroponic systems and in the test plot. Figure 1 shows the total phenolic content in the samples of different leafy vegetable and fruit crops grown in Tower Garden aeroponic systems and in the soil. The presence of a high total phenolic content shows that the flowers of N. bracteata Benth may possess antioxidant properties, which could lead to a new field of research in the future. Review articles are excluded from this waiver policy. The fluorescence characteristics of the powdered drug and successive extracts with and without chemical treatment during the day and under a UV light were recorded. which means as the end of your calculation for TPC you are going to use 1g as mass of your sample and 1mL as volume of your sample. How to calculate total phenolic and floid content in essential oil research gate? Gallic acid showed 95% radical scavenging activity at 20 μM. The differences in phenolic content, however, were not found to be statistically significant for all the leafy vegetables (basil, LSD = 32.50, ; chard, LSD = 41.15, ; parsley, LSD = 18.00, ; red kale, LSD = 22.79, ) while grown in two types of cultivation systems. Hey guys, I wanna ask about my TPC (Total Phenolic Contain) calculation. endstream endobj startxref Therefore, the volume of the extract is 1mL that is why 1 was used.

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