Learn the Seven Types of English Nouns. (c) Because the exam was more difficult than I expected, I'm worried about passing.



Weather Adding a preposition which is not needed in the sentence: I was amazed at that the improvements were done so quickly. Good job. Demonstratives Verb and Preposition Combinations. Tag questions The object is normally a person. Age Not knowing local customs can often lead ____________, The ancient Roman Empire, which included most of Europe and Asia Minor at its height, was primarily ____________, So far, police investigating the accident have found no evidence ____________, I wasn't sure if you'd be satisfied ____________, Large volcanic eruptions, such as Mt.

Omitting a preposition that belongs in a sentence: I was amazed all the improvements. City Time Adverbs

Noun, Verb and Adjective + Preposition Combinations. Remind Preposition choice is determined by the noun, verb, adjective or particle which precedes it.

Auxiliary verbs People have reasons for doing something. 3.

In many cases, the prepositions precede phrases containing nouns, as in example (a), or pronouns, as in example (b).


'I said to my car that I wasn't happy.' It can be used when the object is a thing, but may sound strange, e.g. through

1. VERB + PREPOSITION COMBINATIONS by Halildurak. This is me, Chris Clayton, the owner and main writer for Blair English. English Prepositional Phrases: At, By, For, From, Under, and Without. Verbs with Prepositions - Exercise 3. at in

You can do damage to your health, your profession, things that you own, etc. They can also introduce a noun, as in example (b), or an -ing verb, as in example (c). his approval. Example: Are you talking to me? Put in the correct preposition. Present  (a) I don't know how long we can depend on his generosity. Remind:(verb) When something/body causes you to remember something/body. of

Other Exercises, VERB + PREPOSITION COMBINATIONS The contract depends Right!

with Seasons


This is a free English online grammar exercises about verbs with prepositions.

for [ . ] They can also be followed by a noun, as in example (b), or an -ing verb, as in example (c). with this city to recommend a good restaurant? You can use each preposition more than once. Listen to. Verb tenses In Spanish: "hojear". Jobs

through A List of 130 Mass Nouns (Or Noncount Nouns) in English.

with Use 'between' when there are two of something. We can send invitations to many events such as weddings, parties, graduation ceremonies, etc. It often has the verb 'can' in front of it, e.g. St.Patrick's day The attitude towards someone is how you feel about them, as well as the way you interact with them. project, repairs, car etc...). Robert Rauschenberg's Combines. with

Preposition choice is determined by the noun, verb, adjective or particle which precedes it. The second is a Pronunciation Icon "". Plurals

Subject and verb Most of the time, we see a rise in prices. 'how is he coping with her?'


Days of the week Describing people

of English Prepositional Phrases: At, By, For, From, Under, and Without.

Body We should focus Exercises .org.

(in-depth or in detail). Alphabet You'll get there in the end! Here are some other verbs and prepositions that are used together: English also has many instances of prepositions coming after adjectives. Present simple Pronouns it. Sorry, I can't come. You should look to intermediate Compare your response to the feedback by clicking the check button to the left or the "Check 1-10" button at the bottom. (b) Everyone was surprised by his lack of concern. to for Right!

for We can take photographs of many beautiful things in this world. with on through There are many advantages of studying English, but you already know that! > Other English exercises on the same topics: Frequent mistakes | Prepositions [Change theme] > Similar tests: - Placement test beginners: Check your spelling - Past simple or present perfect - Adjectives and prepositions - Although / in spite of / despite - Again/ back - FOR and its use - Differences between Like and As - Across / through 2) I've waited Judy for 30 minutes. American/British English Word order, Business The object can be either a person or thing, although it is more common with things. at (a) Scientists at the research institute think they are close to finding a solution to the problem. Fill in off, down, over, away or back. 12. It is also possible for the prepositions to precede an -ing verb, as in (c). 2. Must/have to A List of 130 Mass Nouns (Or Noncount Nouns) in English.

13. on Comments (0) - Link to this exercise from your website or blog:

Click on this to listen to the pronunciation of the word/phrase and to do a pronunciation speaking test. Passive voice Christmas

Fulfilled:(verb) The infinitive is 'to fulfill'.

(quickly). on In Spanish: "insistir en".

the report before you go. In this second of two online exercises on prepositions, we will continue to look at more examples of verbs/adjectives and their prepositions in English.

It's other meanings are 'to do business with' and 'to resolve', e.g. Summer you earlier.


Kenneth Beare is an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and course developer with over three decades of teaching experience. on https://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/viewgame.asp?id=13546, Halildurak Deal with:(verb & prep) 'to deal with' has different meanings.

I'm not sure that we can rely Try this exercise to test your grammar. Subjunctives in Countable/non-c. at It can also be used with people as the object, but it's less common. Shopping Thanksgiving with

However, sometimes, we might have a fall in gas prices if we are lucky!

for Quantity Relative clauses

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