These companies include large Canadian-owned firms, Canada-based subsidiaries of large multinational companies, and many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Canada. Any other information as detailed in the RFP that may be required. Work in Canadian Defence Industry. Generally, there will be an expectation that bidders identify specific transactions at bid time equal to at least 30 percent of their bid price, to demonstrate their capability to carry out commitments. R3 – R&D in Canada With approximately $136.8B* (CAD) in assets and 14 distinct investment teams, Mackenzie Investments has the strength and diversity of multiple perspectives to help you meet your clients’ needs and help support them in all markets. Note that the information provided will be posted publicly on this web page. In keeping with its emphasis on continuous improvement, ISED will engage with industry and the defence procurement community to obtain regular feedback and make adjustments, as required, ensuring that government defence procurement leverages significant economic benefit for Canadians. Each employee is disclosed with name, telephone, email, address, department, organization, etc. In addition, some training programs serving these communities are in place and some capacity has been established. Such discrete components will not be scored or weighted within the VP framework. Canadian Supplier Development. It should be noted that two other elements in the overall bid evaluation (price, and technical merit) need to be taken into account and will have a significant bearing on the final outcome. The VP, a key feature of the ITB Policy, is what the bidder proposes to Canada at the time of bid. N.W., Suite 400, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1Y6, 119 4th Ave. S., Suite 200, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 5X2, Place de la Cité - Tour Belle Cour, Suite 900, 9th floor, Quebec, Quebec G1V 4M6. More specifically, the bidder should: Through a Gender and Diversity Plan, bidders will describe, at the prime contractorFootnote 2 level, their approach within their Canadian operations to achieving gender balance and increasing diversity in Canada's defence sector, including, but not limited to. For an example of a Value Proposition Framework that places emphasis on Exports from Canada, please see Annexes A3 and A5. For example, a commitment to provide an SMB with R&D work directly related to the procurement and that positions the SMB to seize longer term export market opportunities, would be awarded points under the Defence Sector, Canadian Supplier Development, R&D and Exports criteria. The Canadian Supplier Development pillar motivates bidders to provide work to companies in Canada beyond their own Canadian facilities and undertake supplier development activities that enhance the productivity and competitiveness of their Canadian-based suppliers. R5 – Skills Development and Training. The VP submission may include a combination of the following, as specified in the RFP for a specific procurement: As a first step to gaining a better understanding of gender and diversity within the defence industry, bidders on defence procurements to which the ITB Policy applies will be asked to provide a Gender and Diversity Plan, at the prime contractor level, describing their approach to increasing gender balance and diversity in their Canadian corporate structure and/or broader supply chains in Canada. This Guide describes the approach used to assess the Value Proposition (VP) in cases where there is a competitive bidding process. We are a dynamic, entrepreneurial, a…, Help us boldly shape retail in Canada Canadian Tire Corporation’s (CTC) rich heritage of serving Canadians from coast-to-coast dates back to 1922. Through VPs, R&D investments will be encouraged that involve strategic and long-term partnerships with Canadian SMBs, for example, to provide engineering support that results in knowledge transfers that will help an SMB to scale-up and advance the commercialization of innovative ideas and products. For an example of a VP framework that places emphasis on Work in the Canadian Defence Industry, please see Annexes A3, A5 and A6. This approach will motivate bidders, often with multiple lines of business, to provide meaningful growth opportunities to suppliers in Canada, thereby supporting the long-term sustainability and growth of Canada's defence industry, as well as other sectors of the Canadian economy. These discrete components will not be scored or weighted within the VP framework. This includes the organizational structure and business operations of the bidder and each of its proposed Eligible Donors that are performing work on the Project, the role of each company in delivering the Project, a description of corporate family relationships, details of Canadian facilities, and broad, long-term impacts on the Canadian economy in relation to meeting the ITB Policy objectives. Bidders may be requested to attest that they and their suppliers have access to the intellectual property rights required to carry out the R&D they propose to undertake. In addition, generally 15 percent of ITB obligations (i.e. R3—High to Very High This includes a description of proposed ITB Transactions with SMBs, the strategy undertaken to date by the bidder and Eligible Donors leading up to its proposed commitments to SMBs, and future initiatives and approaches that will be undertaken by the bidder after contract award to improve the economic opportunities for Canadian SMBs. May include one or more of the following: R1 – Direct Work Leverage your professional network, and get hired. When the Government chooses to specify a targeted outcome, mandatory requirements may be used, as appropriate. Value Proposition (VP) evaluation frameworks on upcoming procurements will be designed to support the growth of KICs by placing an emphasis on specific VP pillars, as follows: Early and continuous engagement with industry and market analysis based on high-quality defence analytics will continue to inform the structure of the VP evaluation frameworks on a procurement-by-procurement basis. With respect to Canada's KICs, early investments in one or more of these 16 areas may be banked and can be expected to count toward future Value Propositions, subject to confirmation of eligibility under the banking feature. Points are allocated based on the bidder's commitment (expressed as a % of contract value) to involve Canadian suppliers with a preference for commitments that involve Canadian SMBs. In cases where bidders are close in price and technical merit, their VPs may become an important differentiator. R4—Low has a Request for Proposal been issued?). In some cases, there may be an operational requirement to have certain activities associated with a procurement take place in Canada or by Canadians. Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy, Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy, Please see ISED's website for more information on banking. Value Partners Investments Inc. (VPI) is a mutual fund company based in Winnipeg, MB and has been building client wealth across Canada since 2006. Following consultation with industry and market analysis, Canada determines that: In this example, only direct commitments are being assessed above a mandatory minimum requirement: In this example, the bidders' commitment to involve Canadian suppliers is assessed. In so doing, the ITB Policy will encourage the creation of high-value jobs for Canadians. Marine Vessel Mission/Combat Systems including command, control, and communications; data link; replenishment at sea; combat management systems; integrated navigation systems; countermeasures; and helicopter haul-down and rapid securing devices. Points may be awarded for international export strategies that demonstrate incremental capacity to export from Canada, related to bidders and their suppliers' other lines of business in the defence industry or other sectors of the Canadian economy. For SMBs, a subset of Canadian suppliers, it is particularly challenging to participate in global value chains as bidders are increasingly seeking to work with larger companies that have the capacity to undertake R&D and share in risks. To motivate bidders to partner with Canadian universities and colleges, additional points may be awarded based on the R&D that bidders and their major suppliers propose to undertake with accredited Canadian post-secondary institutions. R&D can position Canadian companies at the leading edge of advanced technologies, enabling them to move up the value chain and capture high-value market opportunities. Factors that could influence an increase in the weighting of the VP may include alignment with KIC(s), market capacity in Canada and export capability. a 25% Value Proposition weighting is appropriate for this procurement; the equipment to be procured falls primarily within one Leading Competency with both defence and dual-use applications; strong and well-established industrial capability for the equipment being procured exists in Canada and Canada wishes to support that capability through this procurement; while R&D potential exists in this established business line, it is limited at this stage; while there is a track record of export success, significant export potential continues to exist for both defence and dual-use applications and several foreign allied countries have shown significant interest in purchasing this equipment from Canada. For more than 30 years, the Government of Canada has sought to leverage broader economic benefits from defence procurement through the Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy (formerly the Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) Policy) which requires contractors to undertake business activities in Canada at a value equal to the contract. Subject to operational requirements that may require work be undertaken in Canada or by Canadians, discrete work components may be subject to mandatory direct minimums within a given procurement. Mandatory Criteria may consist of one or more of: When the procurement falls into a KIC that represents an opportunity to advance Canadian capabilities in nascent and high-growth markets and to position Canada as a global leader in disruptive technology, the VP will be structured to motivate investments in: When the procurement falls into a KIC that represents a Canadian strength or that is of strategic importance to Canada, the VP will be structured to motivate investments in: Where there are opportunities to motivate greater Canadian exports or further integrate Canadian suppliers into global value chains,  the VP will be structure to motivate investments in either, Nascent/disruptive technology with potential for growth in Canada, Established Canadian capability with high export potential, Established Canadian capability focused on domestic sovereignty. The bidder that offers the highest total commitment achieves the maximum available points for R2 (70 points). In June 2017, Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada's Defence Policy (SSE) reaffirmed the Government of Canada's commitment to supporting the members of Canada's Armed Forces (CAF) through a number of measures, including the recapitalization of the CAF through a commitment to grow defence spending over 10 years from $18.9 billion in 2016–17 to $32.7 billion in 2026–27. Bidders can anticipate that procurements related to the KICs that are Leading Competencies and Critical Industrial Services will place a higher weighting on the Exports from Canada pillar where there are opportunities to grow Canadian export potential. This Plan should also clearly demonstrate the bidder's business rationale for its SMB development strategy, and describe how SMB development considerations factor into the bidder's ITB decision-making processes. In these instances, the VP may be structured to motivate investments in Canadian supplier development beyond the mandatory operational requirement.

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